*The judges will accept “Tokyo Woes” but will not accept “Japandemic”

As foretold on our dearly departed Twitter feed last Sunday, the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed one year. This was always the right move, though it surely must be disappointing for thousands of athletes who’d geared their training, their careers, even for some their future pregnancies on family-starting, on the Olympics taking place this July.

Whatcha gonna do, though? One of the many secrets of happiness is to not worry about what you cannot control. Another secret: blot out Clay Travis and Darren Rovell from your life.

The delay will be interesting for the hard-working folks at NBC Sports, who will now need to prep for and then produce two different Olympics (2021 Tokyo and 2022 Winter Games in Beijing) within a six-to-seven month span. Maybe they should look into hiring some industrious types who might just help them with the task. I dunno.

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