IT’S ALL HAPPENING! (Unfortunately)

Starting Five

Trump Was Right: I AM Tired Of All This Winning

Yesterday, at a marathon press conference that we missed, President Donald Trump announced that a “very, very painful two weeks” were ahead (it’s been an unbearable three-plus years already, Don, but whatevs) and then had his scientists warn that a conservative estimate of U.S. deaths was anywhere between 100,000 to 240,000. So, more than the Vietnam conflict and Korean wars combined.

By the way, how long until everyone begins referring to it as “the 2020 Virus?”

Donald Trump alone could not have prevented the 2020 Virus from raining death on Americans. But swift actions, advanced by so many people (such as Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington) probably would have cut the number at least in half. “He’ll kill us all” was not quite accurate (we hope) but he killed more than a professional would have is true beyond a doubt.

Cuomo Confined To Domo

CNN prime time anchor Chris Cuomo, younger brother of New York governor Andrew Cuomo, announces that he has tested positive for the coronavirus. He’ll be, at least for now, broadcasting from home. Cuomo, 49, obviously did this to steal viewers away from Sean Hannity. It’s a hoax.

Long Live Mock

Drafting an offensive lineman is a Wirfs Case Scenario

We check the website every couple of days sort of for curiosity’s sake. It seems as if they’ve fixated on simply updating mock drafts every few days between Mel and McShay. Worse, they’re still refusing to unlock these selections unless you’re an ESPN Insider. While other publications, such as The New York Times, have made portions of their content free during this pandemic, Norby is still locking readers out.

Bad move. doesn’t have any pertinent content to provide (proof? I’m not making this up, Kevin Maas is on ESPN’s home page this morning; will this poor man never find peace?) because nothing is actually happening in the sports world. Besides the draft later this month. You’d think they’d be smart enough to give all visitors this content for free right now, if for no other reason than as a good faith gesture.

Tiger King Kong

You’re looking at the breakout star of the pandemic. On your right. That’s Joe Exotic, born Joseph Schreibvogel, who claimed to be the most prolific breeder of tigers in the U.S.A. We’ll admit, we have not seen the doc yet, but The Tiger King sure seems to be getting mentioned a lot. If you’ve watched it, feel free to provide a review below.

One More Reason I Fled Twitter

In the past two weeks I’ve found myself getting angry when people (often strangers I’ve never met) treat the pandemic as if it’s a football game where we’re trailing by two touchdowns and we can still win. It’s not that. It’s a disease that’s going to kill 100’s of thousands, perhaps millions, of people worldwide, thus altering the lives of themselves (obviously) and everyone who knew them. Examples:

–Let’s begin with the President, who only two days ago promised “a great victory” in the fight against the 2020 Virus. When your big brother pins you to the floor, thumps you in the chest 100 times and then lets a booger-filled loogie drop onto your face and then and only then gets off you, you don’t exactly get to refer to that as a victory.

–The Boston Globe writer who noted that, yes, this coronavirus seems awful and all, but he really would love to see the Boston Celtics and the NBA return soon. At the time the American death toll was probably still in the double digits and I tweeted something nasty about never reading him again, after which Trenni Kusnierek (a wonderful lady, Boston radio person, whom I’ve never actually met), who had posted the story on Twitter, told me to “Read it first before you behave like an ass (I had).” Sorry, it’s just kind of offensive. It’s like some German journalist writing in 1939 (Tell me he’s not going to make a Holocaust reference; he is, isn’t he? Oh well, at least it’s not Twitter) that while he appreciates the human tragedy that is the Holocaust, what he really misses is that he just can’t find a good schmear.

–Listening to a right-wing radio broadcast (don’t ask) yesterday and hearing the host note that he’s taking the president’s cue and he’s going to “focus on being positive.” The f***ing gaslighters who support Trump. I don’t remember any of these folks “focusing on the positive” when Obama was president, even though there was plenty to be positive about. But now, knowing there is absolutely no defense for the actions that their White Supremacist In Chief has taken the past month, they try out the tactic of calling anyone who gives the straight dope on the virus a Debbie Downer. They are truly without shame.

–Joe Kernen, on CNBC just this morning (and another MAGA pom pom waver), noting how America has the greatest minds and necessity is the mother of invention and how “I just know that we’re going to come out of this stronger.” Again, a tacit lack of acknowledgement of what’s actually taking place. Central Park has turned into a field hospital. A populace the size of Providence, R.I. (that’s a highly conservative estimate) is just going to vanish.

Yeah, sure, no one wants to be around a downer all day long. But you can’t help but feel that people either simply don’t grasp the gravity of what’s taking place, having lived so long inside their sports-entertainment-self gratification cocoon, or that they do but they’re averse to acknowledging it because they don’t want to do a thing to slow the momentum of this presidency. Can you imagine what Joe Kernen would be saying right now if President Obama had stood up in front of the country and announced that 240,000 Americans will die this year of a disease? I doubt he’d be talking the way he is talking right now (it almost makes me want to rejoin Twitter simply to make that point). But I’ll hold off.

Kurosawa Double Feature

Sword fight at the (T)OK(yo) Corral

Tonight, TCM asks us to forgo Netflix and Amazon Prime and to perhaps edjumicate ourselves in film history. Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s two masterpieces, Seven Samurai (at 8 p.m. EDT) an Rashomon (11:45 p.m. … as if you’ve got to get up for work) air this evening.

We’ve only seen the latter, so we’ll attempt to catch the former, from 1954. Wily Yanks would remake the film six years later as a Western, The Magnificent Seven, which starred Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Yul Brynner and James Coburn. So why can’t I just watch The Magnificent Seven, you ask, and I don’t have a good answer for that. Except that now you’ll know what Barenaked Ladies are talking about in that “One Week” song of theirs.

5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING! (Unfortunately)

  1. I watched Tiger King while I recovered from my own bout with zombie flu. It was…yucky? By the last episode, I wondered if the whole thing had been a fever dream.

  2. Stay strong, man. You don’t need Twitter. Seriously – it’s devolved into a dark place, exacerbated by the 2020 Virus. As I mentioned in the comments a week (or two? I can’t keep track of time while socially distancing) ago, I haven’t been on Twitter since I caught the flu (actual flu, not COVID-19) in February that knocked me out for a week. That was the detox I needed to kick the habit (it was had become an addiction of sorts). I have been much happier (though scared by the 2020 Virus) ever since.

  3. If you need to stay off Twitter for your sanity or because future employers may rule you out, that’s certainly understandable. (I read tweets from various folks but have never signed up because I know I would damage both..) But I worry that if Twitter becomes totally dominated by the MAGA Nazis, the TRUTH will never have a chance. Do you see those articles that state Trump’s handling of the crisis is viewed favorably by half the population?! WTF?!^&*@^#$% And I read of layoffs at more newspapers/media sites (& SI) by the day!

    And then today, I see that Nazi Lumbaugh says our “overreaction” is all a communist and Democrat plot to “dismantle capitalism” & specifically, the American economy. That guy needs LOCKED UP LIKE THAT PASTOR IN FLORIDA! He is a THREAT to our population!

    And I heard snippets of that daily Nazi briefing yesterday where the Sociopath desperately tried to fake some empathy. OMG! OMG! He has NEVER felt empathy in his life so to fake it, he talks real sloooow & at a lower tone. OMG, the WORST ACTING you will ever hear! And the NEVER ENDING LIES! And demanding to be congratulated! Congratulated…for the BIGGEST GOVT FAILURE IN OUR HISTORY!

    And more everyday, we see proof of his Nazi administration WITHHOLDING desperately needed medical supplies from certain (BLUE!) states! The son of a bitch not only should be IMPEACHED AGAIN for that but IMPRISONED!

    I said it at the time of that fraudulent election – it was the 2nd worst disaster to happen to this country after the Civil War. And no, I’m not psychic, but even before this crisis, he & his Nazi administration have done untold DAMAGE to the country, its people & our reputation around the world. And the environment, now & especially in the future!

  4. Oh, oh, & now the Nazis are trying to blame the horrific early handling of this epidemic on the impeachment “hearing”; the sociopath was “distracted”. DISTRACTED?! How many election rallies did he attend in Jan & Feb?! How many f*ckin rounds of golf?! No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOO! There will be Congressional HEARINGS for YEARS about this disaster & the shit will ALLL come out : the nonstop & increasing pleading of scientists to DO something back in January! All the emails, the reports sent to the WH, specifically to the Sociopath & the minutes of meetings. This administration & specifically the Sociopath should be arrested not just for dereliction of duty but MURDER.

  5. Never thought I’d get sucked into the trashy documentary-series ( or whatever) Tiger King, but damn! I am a well educated, conservative, 30 year professional, married to the same woman for 25 years father of two college boys (Notre Dame and Creighton) and I couldn’t stop watching. Am I seriously bored during the stay at home lockdown? Maybe, but I watched 3 episodes one night and four the next! One thing I’m certain of is Carol Baskin is guilty! On to “Ozark”!

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