Just this morning I’ve seen that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is going to donate $1 billion to COVID-19 relief and that Dell founder Michael Dell is going to donate $100 million for the same cause. Hey, that’s great, but let’s assess a few things:

–If these two men can afford to donate that much, they’re not exactly digging into the bottoms of their pockets for this loot. Even if Dorsey is donating one-third of his net worth, and that’s incredibly generous (if you ignore the tax break he’s yielding from this), but he still has $2 billion more to get by on.

–Second, let’s look at the number of employees Twitter and Dell have, respectively, and then do a little long division. Twitter has roughly 5,000 employees. So, and I know this is overly simplistic, but if Dorsey had simply been putting that type of money into his employees’ pockets annually and not his own, he could give every single employee of his a $200,000 bonus. Imagine that. Imagine the type of work force, in terms of talent, you could assemble, if you treated your employees that well. Imagine how loyal they’d be.

As for Dell, he has far more employees and his contribution is one-tenth that of Dorsey’s, so his donation parceled out to each of them would only be $700 or so.

But here’s the larger point. The men at the very top of the food chain are stock-piling funds while scores of people who work for them are stuck in the middle class at best. And then something like this happens and they donate a huge chunk of cash and CNBC hails them as heroic. What I’d like to know is how come they weren’t paying their employees better and stimulating the economy the entire time as opposed to sitting on top of a mountain of cash?

True, Dorsey and Dell created businesses, created thousands of jobs, and for that they deserve credit. I’m just wondering what possesses men to be THAT rich when so many people working for them are still involved in class struggle. I hereby promise that when MH Industries is a a major conglomerate that we’ll pay executive assistant Susie B. at least $200,000 per year and even throw in free MH merchandise.

5 thoughts on “THAT’S GREAT, BUT…

  1. “Executive ASSISTANT”? Snort, make that “COO” or “VP” at the least & we can discuss the pay package. 😉

    I understand & mostly agree with what you’re saying but don’t expect me to cry into my cornflakes for the HIGHLY COMPENSATED Silicon Valley folks. Also, do the outrageous “bonuses” of the Wall Street crowd really make them that loyal to their employers or even more greed-focused & self-absorbed?

    I have been noticing over the past 2-3 weeks that more Americans are FINALLY starting to turn on the billionaire bunch. Seeing family members or friends struggle & die of this horrific virus & then reading of the rich jetting off in their private private planes to private 1000 acre estates or islands can certainly FOCUS one’s “enemy list”.

    What’s the REAL chance that Cuomo (with Warren as VP) can upset the Dem convention? I’m not ruling ANYTHING out after this.

    I’ve been thinking this the past several days – it’s a matter of weeks before Trump & his SS troops at Fox start not just attacking Fauci 24/7 but that Trump fires him. 1st, he needs another target to blame & for most in the USA, Fauci has become THE voice & expert of the coronovirus. 2nd, but related to the 1st – Trump canNOT stand someone taking his limelight let alone someone not willing to LIE for him.

    Finally, the Democrat politicians AND the rest of the country need to wake up & accept that the Republican Party are NAZIs who will DO ANYTHING TO HOLD ON TO/CONSOLIDATE/EXPAND their power. They DO NOT CARE if millions have to die to do so. Just like EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY SINCE JANUARY SHOULD HAVE BEEN WEARING MASKS WHEN OUTSIDE THEIR HOMES, we need to prepare NOW.

  2. Don’t have time to go in depth now, Susie B, but the reason your Wall Street analogy does not work for me is because all those people make IS money. Their product is profit. Whereas ppl in tech and other industries actually believe in a product they’re putting out there. No one would work on Wall St for $60K a year. The job’s only inducement is profit.

  3. Instead of giving Dorsey and Dell trouble for doing something, why not point out all the other rich, 1-percenter CEOs who haven’t contributed to the cause?

  4. Susie B — yes I believe Fauci will get the “You’re fired” by May. Trump is already agitated w/him. Doesn’t like smarter people in the room and he’s not a kiss ass.

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