Walk Of Shame


He has everything.

He has nothing.

He’s the most powerful man in the world.

He’s the last person I’d want to be.

Donald Trump returns home from the Tulsa 6,200 rally looking like someone on his way back from the bachelor bro weekend in Vegas.

It’s funny that people are meme’ing this as Trump’s “Walk of Shame” because shame is the one feeling this man has never felt. But as David Graham writes in The Atlantic, this looked like the night Trump stopped trying.

4 thoughts on “Walk Of Shame

  1. Either I missed the paragraph about the stock market yesterday or you added it after. So, you’re saying I shouldn’t celebrate TOO much my 1st (& probably only ever) 76-BAGGER? 🙂 Thankfully, I don’t think about this TOO much, but every so often, it comes whooshing over me like a tsunami : if ONLY I’d put all my stock starter cash into that one stock instead of doing the, ahem, “smart thing” of diversifying into 4. Sigh.

    Do you really think this market’s “frothiness” is due to all the Millennial day-traders? I dunno, I guess that’s part of it, but even if all alleged “13 million” are trading every day, how much money do they really have? And here I thought all the Millennials were BROKE due to those pesky student loans…. 😉

    The GOP-Nazis will continue to make voting as difficult if not impossible in as many states as they can corrupt. When the Sociopath loses, he & they will file a lawsuit & at least attempt an injunction to rule the election “illegal” due to supposed “mailed ballot fraud”. Listen AND hear me both now and November.

      • Susie B.

        I’m happy for your $$. I’m disappointed that you feel that you shouldn’t have to pay for journalists’ work.

        • ” Women 65 and older are 80% more likely to be IMPOVERISHED THAN MEN of the same age.

          A 2016 study by the nonprofit National Institute on Retirement Security found that women 65 and older had an average income that was 25% below the average income of men 65 and older. Consequently, the women in the study were 80% more likely to be impoverished than the men. The study also found that women 75 to 79 were three times more likely to live below the poverty line than men of the same age. Single women and minorities were even more likely to live in poverty.”

          I have SACRIFICED EVERYTHING the past 15 years so as to NOT END UP LIKE THE STATISTIC ABOVE.

          I’ve been so stressed the past 3 months, worried about my job, my health (& chances of DYING), & the future that over half of my eyelashes have fallen out. This has never happened before, so it’s only added to my stress, but sure, piss on me because I won’t sign up for The Athletic.

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