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NAME (or alias): Susie B.

Identifying traits: Prone to polemics about Republicans, Sweet Pea, the University of Maryland, paywalls and growing up in the 1940s. Owns a drawer-ful of Amazon stock and anxiously looks forward to the day it will reach “hundred-bagger” status. Likely unarmed, but still dangerous. If spotted, do not approach. Contact authorities.

4 thoughts on “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN?

  1. “1940s”?!! Then WHY the hell am I still working? I’m not a sports Head Coach or politician!

    Anyhoo, speaking of the “40s”, just like MacArthur : “I HAVE RETURNED”. Where have I been? Just like Ross & Rachel, I’ve been “ON A BREAK”. What have I been doing? “Trout fishing”. 😉 Nah, that last one is as truthful as the Sociopath in the WH. I’ve only “gone fishing” about 2-3 times in my life. The 1st time was on my Dad’s best friend’s dairy farm. Where a stream (not a river) “ran through it”. I was 8. The oldest son of these family friends took it upon himself to help us “kids”. He was probably 15. Unlike my older sister, I had no problem putting the worm on the hook, but every time I tried to do that swing motion with your arm & rod to get the hook in the water, the hook would get caught on the back of my shorts. 🙂 How Rick never lost his patience, I do not know. After an hour & not catching a dang thing, I “retired” from the sport of fishing. Oh, I had a “come back” or two & although I no longer got the hook caught in the back of my pants, the outcome was the same – no fish & “no future in the sport”.

    So, did you write this post AFTER last night’s earning reports? 🙂 I must say “Yahooooooo!” Wait, I sold that stock (7 bagger & a few pennies from an 8). Hot DAMN, AAPL & AMZN! I giddily thought maybe today that AMZN would at least get back to its 92 bagger status (of a week ago?) for me but alas, not yet. But AAPL is now a 15-bagger & will be a 16-bagger after next month’s dividend. Since I added shares a couple times, this is still prettee, prettee good. But back to Amazon – did you SEE the EPS (‘earnings per share’ for the non-stock folk)? The analysts’ estimate was for $1.46 & it came in at $10.30! Can you say “BLOWOUT!”?

    You can tell all your students there is no “vig” in stock investing. Well, at least as long as one adheres to the “hogs get slaughtered” theorem.

    And speaking of “pigs”, I’ve belatedly realized that almost everyone learns ALL you need to know about saving/investing for one’s retirement BEFORE YOU EVEN GET TO KINDERGARTEN. That’s right, “The 3 Little Pigs” is the best & perhaps only financial advice one needs. Sure, one can speedily & half-asserly (just go with it) “build your house” (i.e. save & invest) as Straw-Pig & Stick-Pig so one can have “fun” & y’know “live their life” but what happened when the Big Bad Wolf (i.e. retirement & old age) came by? Heck, their houses were GONE in minutes! They either get eaten by the wolf or shiver outside, hungry & alone. But the other pig put a LOT of effort into building his house out of bricks. Heck, he even MADE the bricks 1st. And endured all the teasing & snarking from his piggie friends. When the Big Bad Wolf shows up, he can huff & puff all he wants but THIS pig will be SAFE in his nice, comfy house. At least until a once-a-century pandemic appears. What’s that? Storytime is over till next time! 🙂

    • Update : my AAPL didn’t need the dividend to get to 16-bagger status. Whoo-hoo! Alas, not all is “baggin’ & braggin'” in susie stockworld : also on Friday ANOTHER one of my long held energy stocks declared bankruptcy. Not a shock as I’d been expecting it for months & I SHOULD have sold out a year ago, heck, I SHOULD have sold it all in 2015, but ‘magical thinking’ is addictive & basically makes one as dumb as “Stick Pig”. sigh. Anyhoo, for the past 2 weeks I’d finally resigned myself to selling the shares but I kept debating (with, er, myself) at what price point. Well, the Stock Gods just loudly reminded me again : “YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE, SOOZE!”

      Thanks, Jacob. 🙂 Hopefully, you really did buy some SHOP between Jan-Apr of this year & you’re now sitting very pretty indeed! I think it’s tripled! Unfortunately, it was #2 on my Watchlist but I never actually bought any (ran out of money). ARGH! (See Stock Gods’ lesson above). The new stocks I did buy are all doing well but SHOP trounces them all. The good news is that I think my stock picking ‘talent’ MAY have finally returned, although the bad news is that I wasn’t able to actually buy all of my picks. Here were my top 7 that lack of funds kept on the Watchlist & not the Own List (in order of preference) : OKTA, SHOP, ISRG, FSLY, ZM, DDOG, IDXX. It seems one doesn’t have to actually FISH to bemoan the “big one(s) that got away”! 🙂

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