In which we endeavor to plumb a recent story that you (or we) may have missed during the week and that you’d have probably been too busy to read anyway between Monday and Friday, so here it is.

Our first selection comes from Rolling Stone. The author is Wade Davis and it is just a devastating deconstruction of where this nation went wrong. The title: The Unraveling Of America.

If you want to learn more, after reading this article, here’s an interview Davis did on PBS NewsHour last week:

By the way, I’m both amused and dumbfounded when Trumpers actually defend the president’s record on the Covid response. Mike Pence just this week did the ol’ “We Stopped Incoming Flights From China” soft shoe. They actually want us to believe that no one could have done a better job against the virus the past six months than the president (Note: I could have. You could have. If they’d have put either of us in charge. Sometimes the best way not to break a car is to not pour hydroxychloroquine into the gas tank, you know?)

Anyway, I’m flummoxed at yet another example of Orwellian logic, that no one could have done a better job against Covid-19 and as for the > 1,000 deaths per day, “It is what it is.”

Here’s the analogy I came up with. It’s like you’re going to watch your spouse run a 10-K. And your spouse finishes dead last. Dead. Last. And afterward he/she says to you, “Good thing I didn’t have that third doughnut this morning, or I would have finished 10 minutes slower. So I deserve a pat on the back for that.

Yes, dear (Now what’s the phone number for that divorce attorney Madge suggested to me?).

One thought on “WEEKEND READ

  1. I really appreciate your belief that I, am internet stranger, would have done a better job dealing with COVID. I mean, I totally would have, but I still really appreciate your acknowledgement.

    Once this is behind us, I can’t wait to read the gritty expose/autopsy of this administration’s bungling of this event.

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