by John Walters

It’s a…………… Blaze!

In Part 3,932,756 of “Americans Are Really Stupid And Self-Absorbed,” a gender-reveal party in southern California is what sparked the inferno that has now claimed nearly 10,000 acres outside Yucaipa, in the foothills of the San Bernardino National (formerly) Forest.

The family that accidentally started the fire (in a local park, using fire works, because they wanted to gather and take a selfie) has been cooperating with officials, who have yet to press charges. MH prefers a medieval-appropriate punishment, which would likely be burning at the stake.

Takes A Lot Of Nerve (Agent)

If you’re familiar with the story of Rasputin, then you know that some Russians are just harder to kill than others. Outspoken Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny was slipped a Soviet-era nerve agent (most likely into a cup of tea he was drinking before boarding a flight) last month and quickly grew very ill.

Navalny lapsed into a coma. Then, somehow, someone got the authority to fly him out of Russia—Siberia, no less—and off to Germany (it’s funny how Germany is now the bastion of Western values…things really can change quickly). And now Navalny, 44, is out of his coma and improving.

Last Wednesday the German government, after consulting with its military scientists, said that it was “100% sure that it was Novichok,” a Soviet-era chemical weapon that is sort of the KGB’s designer drug. Asked about Navalny two days later, our own president said, “We haven’t had any proof yet, but I will take a look.”

Mormon Conquest

Navy was supposed to open its season in Dublin against Notre Dame, but that game was canceled due to Covid. So the Middies picked up a live scrimmage that counts against another religious football school and, well, they might want to go back to playing the Irish. Brigham Young routed Navy, 55-3, in Annapolis on national TV (and in an empty stadium).

We’d say that’s going to hurt Navy’s recruiting, except that it won’t.

Navy players: Go on a four-year mission after they graduate.

BYU players: Go on a two-year mission after freshman year.

Underground Railroad

In Switzerland, deep beneath the peaks of the Alps, the 25-mile long Ceneri Base Tunnel nears completion. With the completion of this third underground tunnel, an uninterrupted rail route—minus scenic mountain passes but much faster—now exists from Rotterdam, Holland, to Genoa, Italy.

The old Gotthard route, a scenic Alpine journey betwixt Zurich and Milan that we were lucky enough to travel once, will remain. But it’s more of a sight-seeing, Agatha Christie-inspired choo choo ride now.

Tech Wreck

Only eight days ago, tech stocks were soaring. But now the summer lovin’ that was taking place between investors and big tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Nvidia and Tesla has augured an early fall. Tesla is down 30% from its high of less than two weeks ago and Amazon, which tickled $3,500 at the end of August, is now looking at $3,100.

Time to buy more if you have cash ready. Or to sit on your thumbs. These companies aren’t going anywhere.

One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. August 24, 2020 (susie b) : “ALL tech stocks are “frothy” right now. Can that froth go even, er, frothier? Sure, but a correction is a’comin!”

    Ahem. However, as stated last week, I was ONE DAY TOO LATE in moving another 6% out of my 4 largest 40l-k funds. sigh. I didn’t look at my investment totals after the close on Friday but will do so tomorrow AM & yes, I’ll be “the lady in reeeeeedddddd” & I won’t be “dancing cheek to cheek” as much as wiping a tear off my damn cheek. 😉

    Tour de France Update : Slovenian Primoz Roglic is currently in the Yellow Jersey after 2 Pyreenees stages over the weekend. Yes, that’s VERY early for high mountain stages in the Tour! Basically, the usual 1st & 2nd weeks changed places. Odd. Anyhoo, Saturday’s stage was a COVID ATROCITY! The IDIOTIC ASO & French govt let thousands of spectators on the final climb & they did NOT “socially distance” nor did they all wear masks PLUS the usual idiots were in the freakin middle of the road screaming at the cyclists less than 10 inches from their faces as if this was a usual Tour! It was DISGUSTING & I was enraged at this travesty! Then, as planned, ALL cyclists, their support staff, the media & the Tour officials were tested yesterday on the 1st Rest Day & KARMA ALERT – the director of the race, Christian Prudhomme tested POSITIVE & had to send his own ass home for “7 days”. No racers tested positive but 4 support staff (on 4 different teams) also tested positive & they also had to leave the race (for the duration I believe). IF another person on any of those 4 teams test positive going forward, the ENTIRE TEAM must leave the race. Ineos, the former ‘Team Deathstar’, is one of those teams & their main guy, Bernal (winner last year) is currently sitting 2nd. If two people test positive on any other team in future tests, that team also must leave the race. For once, the Tour is not so much the ‘Survival of the Fittest” as it is ‘”Survival of the Luckiest”. The rumor had been that if too many cyclists tested positive on Monday, the race would have been stopped/ended. So, at least they survived that.

    The 3rd week, beginning next weekend will be brutal. Alps, alps, & more alps. The penultimate stage (the final Saturday) is the only Time Trial in the entire race & rare for a TT, the 2nd half is ALL uphill, or more correctly “up-MOUNTAIN”. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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