by John Walters


Does anyone else feel the way I do: the Astros, the sports franchise that best examplifies the Trump era, trailed the Rays 3-0 in the ALCS. But after a walk-off home run last night by Carlos Correo, Houston is now only down 3-2.

So, yes, I recognize that Joe Biden is way ahead in the polls, but as long as the Astros remain alive in baseball this month, I still fear there’s a chance Trump can win. If the Astros lose, I’ll begin to feel as if the world’s karmic balance is beginning to right itself. Anyone else feel this way?

Savannah Trumps Donald

Someone was certainly paying attention during mock trial in law school. NBC’s Savannah Guthrie grilled the president as if she were Katie Porter in their “town hall” on Tuesday night and did such a fabulous job that she almost redeemed Kabletown for deciding to air it contemporaneously with the Joe Biden town hall on ABC.

It’s funny, and I’m not botanist, but I think that when you drain a swamp what you’re pretty much left with is a savannah.

Three-Word Review of Matthew McConaughey’s Memoir

Who knew when he was explaining the reason why, as Wooderson, he still loves teenage girls as an aging 20-someting in Dazed and Confused that Matthew McConaughey would turn out quite as big as he did? Or, like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise, did the charisma just jump off the screen at you even in that cameo appearance (we’ll vote the latter).

The Oscar-winner whose finest moments for us will always be as Rust Cohle has a memoir out, Greenlights. We’d buy it, but we’re just going to ask to buy Katie McCollow’s copy when she finishes reading it. Although, on second thought, buy the audiobook and drive aimlessly in my Lincoln Continental with a dog or two listening to it in full.

Iowa Caucus

A senate debate in Iowa went as viral as such a thing possibly can when the challenger, Theresa Greenfield (Dem… and, if your name is “Greenfield” in Io-way, you better know your agriculture), was able to accurately answer the “break-even price” of corn. Then the incumbent, Republican Joni Ernst was unable to duplicate the feat with soybeans.

Debates are so much more fun when they are structured like quiz shows. More of this, please!

Animals, Always and Forever

This photo of a tiger in Siberia won National Geographic‘s “Wildlife Photograph Of The Year” award. As much as we adore tigers and the idea that there are still vast uninhabited spaces in Russia and China for wildlife to thrive, this wasn’t even close to the most impactful photo in their gallery. Take a look and decide for yourself.

3 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. FOX Newsers & the Sociopath’s other collaborators are having hiss-fits about Guthrie’s “interrogation” of their fuehrer & that alone is almost worth NBC putting that piece of shit on TV opposite Biden.

    Anyhoo, all week the following article was featured on MarketWatch : “Half of Americans over 55 May Retire Poor”. Couple things – you, jdubs JUST escape this grouping (although I’ve read several pieces that things are just as if not worse for Generation X…) & two, there’s no “may” about it. BTW, do you know what the Federal govt calls “poverty” for a single person? $12,670/year. I’d write “LOL!” but it’s not damn funny! Apparently, if you make $14,ooo/year you’re FINE. So, if you count all the folks with $20k & under income, that “half” projected for poverty is really going to be 60% or more! But hey, lets keep electing GOP-Nazis into Congress & onto the SC so we can get rid of Social Security & Medicare entirely & wipe out these people in mass.

    I KNOW you’re tired of me writing this but getting rid of Trump is only the start – ALL his GOP collaborators in Congress need to be voted out too! “Buh-bye! And please LET the door hit you on the way out!” And then I’ll be counting down the days until the Justice Dept start TAX FRAUD cases on Trump & his family of grifters.

    Question – if COVID had not happened, do you think that Sociopath would have actually gotten ‘elected’ AGAIN?! I can’t believe it but when I see poll numbers that even “40%” would vote for him NOW, it makes me weep for this country. I’ll be gone in 50 years but folks like Jacob (i.e. his age group) will have to answer for this horrific time in our nation’s history. “You were there, Grandpa, HOW did this happen?!”

    • Susie B.,

      Thank you for the kind birthday wishes for Phyllis. She is enjoying the Daniel Dale punching bag I got her.

      Also, on your other question, I think if there were no Covid that he’d have won. Sad to say. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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