by John Walters

Barry, Gold Weaver

He waited nearly four years, but Barack Obama finally dunked on Donald Trump yesterday in the city that invented the shattered backboard. Wow. The whole speech is below:

President Trump does not react well to being mocked (few of us do). The last time Barack publicly humiliated him, back in 2015, Don reacted by running for president (and winning). Just sayin’.

Still, this must have been a cathartic moment for President Obama. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a meme to perfectly encapsulate the Trump presidency:

How It Started…

….How It’s Going

Someone on Twitter thought of the above conceit, but I cannot find the tweet now. So, yes, I’m stealing his or her idea and I’d love to credit them for it.

Spare Parts

We hear it all the time: Hey, Dubs, when are you going to stop messing around with politics and provide more bowling coverage?!? So here you are. We’ve done this move quite often while bowling, just never intentionally.

Hello, Fodder

Some malevolent and lost soul attempted to shame Bill Murray Joe Biden and his son for being affectionate. Well, as the kids say, he got ratio’ed. But maybe he just posted the wrong photo. It happens. Maybe he meant to post this:

Or this:

Or this:

Raiders Of The Lost Yak

Along the India-China border, peace and cooperation breaks out and you may credit lost yaks for being responsible. A Chinese soldier, Capt. Wang Yalong (I know, sounds like a John Hughes foreign-exchange student) inadvertently crossed into India while helping local herdsmen search or a missing yak (how do yak go missing, you ask? They’re rather large).

Indian forces captured Capt. Wang, but instead of treating him with nefarious intent, they simply returned him to his outfit. Of course, this may have been a Chinese spy mission (dressed undercover as lost yaks), but the Indian army acted in good faith. After all, this is the country that invented karma.

No word on the status of the missing yaks.

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I don’t see why Biden is going through with the ‘3rd” debate. What does he have to gain? Why allow that sociopathic piece of shit scream/bully/froth at the mouth trying to make you appear weak? And the mikes will only be muted doing the opening 2 minutes of each topic. The country/voters KNOW what Trump is & saw his DISGUSTING display in the 1st so-called debate. WHO exactly will change their mind at this point? His ignorant fellow Nazi followers not only wouldn’t care if he literally shits on the stage, they would applaud. I understand that Biden welcomes any opportunity to “talk” to America but how much of his philosophies, ideas & plans/hopes for the nation can be detailed with a RANTING, RAVING lunatic a mere 12-15 feet away? What do you think?

    And I’m sorry jdubs, I know she went to your alma mater, but ALMOST as horrific as 4 more years of that “human garbage” in the WH is that HORRIBLE woman onto the Supreme Court. The WORST “nominee” I can remember in at least the last 30 years. Even worse than that sexual predator the GOP-NAZIs shoved on there last.

    And I have NO desire to watch two Democrat & Republican candidates in Utah “get along”. The damage done to this country these past 4 years by the power-mad, immoral, soulless REPUBLICANS will NEVER BE FORGIVEN OR FORGOTTEN! To quote (sorta) a group I’d NEVER thought I’d reference : “F*CK THA GOP!”

  2. My favorite line from the speech was when, and I’m paraphrasing here, he said, “Everything Trump inherits turns into crap.” Good one!

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