by John Walters*

*Double Espresso edition: smaller and extra-caffeinated.

Phillips 8-7

One of the most tremendous moments in World Series history. The last batter on the bench, facing a 1-2 count, lofts a single into right center. What follows is two errors, one baserunning gaffe, two runs, and an airplane moment in left field.

Fully Elongated Penix

An hour or two earlier in Bloomington, Indiana, Hoosier QB Michael Penix, Jr., stretches every inch of his frame to score (dubious) on a two-point conversion for the win against Penn State. This play only happened because the Nittany Lions scored with 1:42 to play when stopping for a first down would have ended the contest. The Atlanta Falcons learned nothing from this, losing in the same fashion the following day versus the Detroit Lions.

Under Cover Of Darkness

That sense of anger and sadness from more than 50% of the nation has less to do with who or what Amy Coney Barrett stands for and everything to do with how she backslid into a Supreme Court confirmation. And now you have Brett Kavanaugh proposing that he’ll be sure as hell to dismiss mail-in ballots.

Joe Biden may win Wisconsin… and Pennsylvania…and Ohio… and even Arizona. Will it even matter? That’s what Americans are asking themselves this morning. And if it does not, then our democracy is dead for the foreseeable future.

The question I keep asking myself is why would anyone believe that Mitch McConnell, William Barr and the S.C. judges are suddenly going to play fair. I don’t believe they will. Viva la revolucion!

Metcalf Roping

Seattle’s D.K. Metcalf with the definitive effort play every coach will show for the next 1,000 years. He could go on the speakers circuit off this play alone. Of course it helps to have world-class speed.

Meanwhile, when is Pete Carroll going to learn to NOT throw the ball deep in the red zone toward that particular end zone in this particular stadium????

On MAGA and Fascism

A couple clips from last night. First, this one:

And then, here’s Sacha Baron Cohen:

4 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I’ve been waiting for you to post clips of that WS game ending AND Metcalf’s ‘run for the ages’. 🙂 That both occurred within 24 hours of each other is almost as fantastic as the efforts themselves. My fave tweet about DK’s run is that it was “proof he’s from Wakanda”. Tweets about the WS game were mostly just expressions of shock. I was not viewing either game, were you? As I’ve not watched any NFL this year & very little last year, the only thing I remember about DK was from his Draft & that he had (I hope still has!) a stop-in-your-tracks AWESOME physique, his speed, AND that several of the ‘Draft experts’ were NOT IMPRESSED with him! There was at least one guy that said DK would “not make it in the NFL”. Just how STUPID are those people?

    Too bad he’s not on offense as who would be able to catch HIM?

    As for Barrett – my anger & disgust is just as much about WHO she is & her VILE belief ‘system’ as much as the HYPOCRITCAL deep-shit way the GOP-NAZIs forced her onto the Court. And hell YEAH, I want the future Blue Congress to EXPAND the Court! Just after they eliminate the Electoral College!

    One more week. And I’ve come up with a way to cut the deficit! Anyone who votes for that son of a bitch SOCIOPATH immediately loses their health insurance & health care, Social Security, & Medicare (or future rights to). That’s what they’re voting for so may as well give it to them without burdening the rest of the country with a pathological lying sack of shit another 4 years.

  2. BTW, have you seen that there are rumblings within the NBA to start the “2020-2021” season on Xmas Day? HUGE mistake! After showing the world how to finish a pro-sport season AND a playoffs during a pandemic, they’re thinking about this ‘tragedy-in-the-making’ as the COVID numbers rapidly escalate once again?!

    Questions – did you see the article(s) illustrating which political party gets the bulk of “donations” from most of the NBA “owners”? (Which I mentioned a while back, ahem). So, it got me to wondering – do you think we will start to see players REFUSE to play for certain owners? If you already have a networth of $50 million or more, WHY would you agree to “work” for someone who financially supports the American NAZI party? Put up or shut up? Or I guess in this case, put the ball down or shut up?

    And just FYI – by the end of next week, Texas will surpass California as the state with the most COVID cases. And after the election, we’ll probably start seeing the TRUE number of cases in certain Red states (info I believe is being intentionally withheld for political purposes…). That one party is holding what are basically SUPER-SPREADER events at this DEATHLY critical time should be enough for arrests/trials/convictions for endangering public health.

  3. Susie B., re: players not playing for certain owners, I’m pretty certain that is the Knicks. New York City.

    I’m not a millionaire (shocker, I know), but I think NYC would be a great city to be rich in.

    • Ah, good point about the lack of free agents going to the Knicks. But is that just because that owner is an assh*le & not his political leanings? Have any of the guys traded to or drafted by the Knicks demanded to be traded?

      And jdubs would know more than us, but it does seem NYC (well, pre-pandemic) would be a good place in which to be VERY wealthy. However, between the taxes, property costs, food & other living expenses, your wealth is not worth as much as in, say, Nebraska. 🙂 Actually, excluding San Francisco, I’d say someone’s wealth goes further ANYWHERE in the US other than NYC.

      And I dunno Jacob, but it you keep picking stocks like SHOP & betting on long shots that actually DO make it to the NBA Finals, you’ll be a “7-Figure Man” prettee, prettee soon. 🙂

      BTW jdubs, I hear property & rentals prices have been plunging in your old zipcode. If you ever plan to move back to NYC, it appears you should “get a deal”.

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