by John Walters

Mormon Nonquest

I’ve been an advocate of BYU football all season long. The Cougars are physical, they’re smart, they have playmakers and they play with energy. So how come, faced with open dates the next two weekends, are they not taking Washington up on its offer to play in Seattle this weekend?

The Huskies are the best team west of Ames, Iowa. Or the Cougars are. One of the two. Both schools could use this win to advance to the playoff or an NY6 bowl. Of course, the loser would be out. But isn’t that why you play?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more impressive BYU team than this one, at least not since the national champs. What I don’t understand is how an administration looks its players in the eye and says we’d rather you not play so as to not jeopardize our position in the playoff standings. In other words, we do not believe in you.

Another Day Of Trump

Random Thoughts:

*Seeing as how Donald has reacted with continued recalcitrance to every judicial or election official beatdown in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, I’m beginning to form a better understanding about how he reacted all those times women told him no.

*I never felt off-base in assuming that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. Now, seeing how brazenly Trump is willing to jettison the U.S. Constitution and democracy itself in order not to lose his home on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., I’m quite sure of it. There is no deed Trump won’t be in favor of if the consequences of not doing that deed would be ruinous for him. He’s the greatest sociopathic narcissist of our lifetime.

*Remember when Sidney Powell was the lawyer for both the White House and Trump, spewing his lies about hacked election machines in a presser as the warm-up act for Rudy and the Dye-Sweats? Well, she’s already been consciously uncoupled from the White House and Trump in less than one week. As someone tweeted, “She only lasted .67 Scaramuccis.”

  • Oh, and Kayleigh McEnany is maybe the one person in the White House who is as shameless a liar as the president.

Be Kind. Or At Least Kinda Kind

The Polar Express

Forget reindeer. Why aren’t eight moose pulling Santa’s sleigh? You’d probably only need six.

Big OAN Kickoff*

*The judges stole this from Kyle Koster on Twitter.

Matt Leinart, entitled brat. Maybe he’ll move into Heisman House?

One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Did you notice that most of the acts of kindness in the Rex Chapman twitter video were kids? Adults can learn something from kids (almost as much as they can learn from adults).

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