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We searched for this photo the other day, taken by Erin Schaff of The New York Times, but were unable to locate it in our usual haunts. This should be remembered as one of the lasting and great photographs of 2020. To see the angle as Schaff did and seize the opportunity, well, lens caps off to her.

Compliments of Four Seasons Total Office Furniture.

“I AM big, it’s the desks that got small.”

Amazon Vs America

Approximately 260,000 American lives have been lost since the first official COVID-19 death on February 29th (of course…on an outlier day comes this outlier year). And we’ll likely be north of 300,000 by Christmas.

But as fast as Americans are dying, Amazon is adding employees even faster. The Seattle-based on-line shopping goliath has added, according to The New York Times, approximately 430,000. Amazon’s full staff is now about equal to the population of Dallas.

So look at it this way: You’re either going to die or wind up working for Jeff Bezos.

Valley Of Fire

About an hour’s drive northeast of Las Vegas sits Valley Of Fire state park (and how has the road above never been used in a film…or if it has, who’s seen it?). There are some fantastic hikes here and the most you’ll lose is $10 (the park’s entrance fee) while there aren’t many $10 tables left on the Strip, so think about that the next time you visit Sin City and need a respite.

Katie McCollow, Artist At Large

Gus Johnson likes to refer to Jenny Taft as “The All-American Girl,” but we think the same applies to fellow southwest Minneapolis native Katie McCollow. This site’s top writer is also an accomplished painter (and improv actress and voiceover maven, etc.) and is probably too busy to paint you something to give as a Christmas present, but you may still reach out to her and request a print.

Tell her Medium Happy sent you and you’ll receive a 0% discount.

“Roasted The Father”

An oldie but a goodie. Andy Samberg’s set at the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco. This is so original. Right up there with Norm MacDonald intentionally bombing his set a few years earlier. The look on Seth Rogen’s face at about :38 says it all.

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