by John Walters


It took awhile, almost his entire presidency, but Donald Trump at last achieved his goal of making America great again. In Georgia’s two Senate run-off elections, both Pastor Raphael Warnock and Jon “Laughing My” Ossoff won narrowly.

Both are Democrats. That means beginning in two weeks, the Senate will have a narrow Democrat majority. In just a few short years, Donald Trump has helped transform both the House and the Senate into Democratic majorities.

Wonder Woman 2021

(Nice callback here to Lady Olenna from Game Of Thrones)

They’ll be making a movie about Stacey Abrams some day. And because Hollywood is still Hollywood, I can imagine Meryl Streep in the title role.

Two years ago Abrams, 47, an attorney, lost Georgia’s gubernatorial race to incumbent Brian Kemp. Instead of whining about it or phoning Brad Raffensperger to find her some votes, Abrams got off her ass and become a one-woman dynamo in terms of registering people to vote and looking out for voters’ rights.

Tuesday was Abrams’ day of validation. Make no mistake: No single human being (other than Donald Trump himself) did more to oust the state of Georgia from red to blue during both the presidential election and the senate run-off election. She destroyed both Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

Crown her ass.

And erect a statue to her.

(Also, let it be known that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is a graduate of Howard and Abrams an alumna of Spelman. Both are Historical Black Colleges, a.k.a. HBCUs).

It Was Only A Dream, It Was Only A Dream

Funniest thing we read last night was someone attempting to parody the lyrics from “Mr. Brightside” to describe the run-off elections (Now I’m falling asleep/And he’s calling DeKalb…). But there’s no denying that “It was only a Dream,” as in the Atlanta Dream, helped pivot the outcome of this election.

Back in the summer, Senator Kelly Loeffler (R), who was appointed to her position and is a part owner of the WNBA Atlanta Dream, spoke publicly with contempt for her players openly showing any support for the BLM movement during games.

โ€œThis is a very divisive organization based on Marxist principles,โ€ Loeffler, who has been a co-owner of the Dream since 2011, told Fox News. โ€œThis week, they threatened to burn the system down, literally and figuratively, if they donโ€™t get what they want. This is an organization that seeks to destroy American principles, and I had to draw the line.โ€

So the players reacted by wearing these shirts. At the time Pastor Warnock, who was running directly against the person who figuratively signs their checks (Loeffler), was polling at about 9%. Yesterday, he won.

Game, blouses.

Mr. Smith Goes To Heisman House

On the same night as justice prevails in Georgia, it also follows suit in the Heisman race as the most deserving player, Alabama wideout DeVonta Smith, wins the bronze statue. Smith is the first non-QB/RB to hoist the Jay Berwanger totem since 1997 (Charles Woodson) and the first WR to win it since 1991 (Desmond Howard).

The man they call the Slim Reaper is fully deserving. Forget his 2nd-and-26 walks TD catch in overtime of the 2018 national championship game that ended Georgia (in Atlanta). I mean, don’t forget it entirely, but what he did his season validates his winning: He led the nation in receptions (105), TD receptions (20) and receiving yards (1,641). That’s pretty good.

May this begin a trend.

Weird note: Smith’s teammate and the starting tight end for Alabama, Miller Forristall, was the QB at Lawrence’s high school before Trevor Lawrence beat him out.

Also of interest: Including Smith himself, Alabama probably had SIX first-round WR picks in the time he has been in Tuscaloosa (the first three are already in the NFL): Calvin Ridley, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III, Smith, Jaylen Waddle and Jon Metchie.

That’s sick.

America? First!

It didn’t even make’s list of headlines, but at the World Junior Hockey Championships in Edmonton, Team USA blanked Canada 2-0 in the gold-medal game.

The Yanks lost the opener of the tournament on Christmas day to the Russians, then went on a six-game win streak allowing a total of five games. Great to have the trophy back where it belongs.

One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I didn’t watch the all of the GA vote returns last night as I just couldn’t face it. I did click onto MSNBC’s coverage some time after 10pm & saw that both Dems were trailing & the nightmare from November’s Election Night seemed to be happening again (that too many folks actually voted for 2 of the most CORRUPT pieces of shit in the current US Senate!). When I awoke at 5:45 this morning, I STILL couldn’t face the actual results so clicked onto CNBC & figured the early DOW futures would clue me in : it was over 100 pts in the green, I groaned (& ok, cursed quite a bit too) as I figured this meant the NAZIs had won. ๐Ÿ™ I finally clicked over to CNN at 6 & OMG! OMG! Warnock had WON & beat that heinous bitch (sorry jdubs, but she is!) & Ossoff was ahead & with the expected votes still be counted in ‘Dem’ counties, it looked good for him too! I almost fell out of bed in excitement! Mitch is going DOWN! Georgia has saved the country! The Devil went down to Georgia, looking for an election to steal & he got kicked in the ass! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can we put Stacy Abrams in charge of the vaccine rollout? We’d all be vaccinated by Valentines Day!

    Meanwhile, I assume those SEDITIOUS NAZIs currently in Congress will try their pathetic attempt at a coup today. Bet ya didn’t know they had a theme song! It’s from Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol & is called “We’re Despicable (Plunderer’s March)” :

    “We’re despicable.
    We make ourselves
    Plain sickable.
    Berate ourselves,
    Hate ourselves
    Still none us of wishes he
    Would change.

    We’re reprehensible.
    We’ll steal your pen
    And pencible!
    Then sneer at you,
    Leer at you
    And really we ought to be
    In jail!

    We’re just blankety-blank-blank
    All bad!”

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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