by John Walters

There IS A Doctor In The House

Tell us how you really feel, Dr. Fauci.

A Lion In Winter

At least Dan Campbell, new Detroit Lion head coach, stopped short of saying something like, “We’re going to poison the other team’s Gatorade coolers with tap water from Flint.” At least he stopped short of saying that.

Shaw Goes Full Mitchum Huntzberger

Did Shaq go too far (like, way too far?) in criticizing Donovan Mitchell on national television for being good but not great? Interesting side note: Shaq was a behemoth who could barely dribble or shoot a free throw (“Hack-a-Shaq”) and if it weren’t for his sheer massive size and the fact that officials feared whistling him for charges and offensive fouls would not have played in the NBA.

Anyway, this moment reminded us of one of our favorite scenes from Gilmore Girls. You almost never see this in a non-streaming, non-HBO TV series: the protagonist, someone who has never committed a sinister action, is told straight up by another, lesser character that she’s not all that. There’s no malevolence behind Huntzberger’s actions; he’s just being straight up with her. Disagree with him if you like (he’s right, actually), but this MH just drove a bulldozer through one of the show’s main conceits: that Rory Gilmore is the golden child.

Bern Notice

Wolverine Goddesses

A good week for female athletes at the University of Michigan. Last night Wolverine forward Naz Hillmon scored a school-record 50 points (and had 16 rebounds) in a loss against Ohio State.

And over the weekend anchor leg Ziyah Holman demonstrated the benefits of never, ever giving up.

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