by John Walters

It’s Not Complicated

In the wake of the Atlanta and Boulder mass shootings—18 murdered if you’re keeping score—I’ve seen earnest Democrats asking versions of this question:

That’s easy. In the 21st century, democracy will kill the Republican party with far more alacrity than guns ever would. Moreover, if Republicans are able to keep citizens (heavily) armed, they’ll continue to be able to inject fear into the system: fear of the occasionally crazed mass murderer, fear of tyranny (never mind that the GOP is the party in quest of tyranny), fear of immigrants, illegal and otherwise.

Gun sales are the product of fear. Voting is the product of hope.

In a changing demographic, voting will mean the end of the Republican party. Guns, on the other hand, allow for the types of militias that could have successfully overrun the Capitol on January 6th if only they had planned it more thoroughly.

Why is the GOP afraid of democracy, as Sen. Chuck Schumer asked on Wednesday? Because democracy and white supremacy no longer go hand in hand.

When The Ship Hits The Sand

Behold the Ever Given (we’ll explain in a moment), which after a fierce sand storm found itself wedged sideways in Egypt’s Suez Canal, arguably the planet’s most vital shipping lane. The The Ever Given, operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Group and owned by Japan’s Shoei Kisen, had been sailing to Rotterdam from China.

The ship was still stuck as of Wednesday night and we’ve suggested lube, maybe?

McCain Unable

Oh, Meg. No. Not like this.

A person who owes her entire career to her identity as the daughter of a late centrist Republican senator is cryin’ ’bout “identity politics.” Wow.

Coming To The Ocho

I mean, sure, I’d watch. I’m not sure if you need to be a short-skirted Nordic goddess in order to judge such a competition, but hey, I’m a walnut-smashing neophyte. What do I know? Already printing 500 “All Nuts For Walnuts” T-shirts that will go on sale on the MH merchandise site. Coming soon.

Uluru Springs

Australia has rightly been called “a sunburned country,” but not at the moment. This is the world famous Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, located in the heart of the continent (Australia, much like the USA, is sparsely populated in its geographic center).

Ulure ordinarily looks like this (below), but recent storms have created a very rare occurrence of water falls rushing down its myriad faces.

What will God think of next?

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. “Gun sales are the product of fear. Voting is the product of hope.” Good, true line. You should sell it to the DNC.

    I’m guessing JW is a regular viewer of The View? Do tell. I only know of Meghan McCain via The View via MH.

    In 1992 I opted not to climb Uluru (now prohibited). No, it was out of respect for a sacred site, not a fear of heights.

    • Gentle Reader,

      As a testament to Dray’s fortitude in terms of gravity and heights, during his time Down Under he did go bungee jumping. I witnessed. Another friend of ours opted out, claiming that as he was born without ankles the rope would slip right off.

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