by John Walters

Dr. Doom*

*The judges will hesitantly accept “Rochelle, Rochelle”

CDC director Rochelle Walensky, certainly not taking a page (or a tweet) from the previous administration, warns of “impending doom” with the number of Covid cases rising 12% in the past week. It seems as if Dr. Walensky is worrying that Americans are easing up as we approach the finish line…

unless she’s referring to Riverside, Calif.,-based Christian dither metal band Impending Doom, whose hits include “Ravenous Disease” and “Hell Breaks Loose.”

Dr. Death

Does anyone understand what Dr. Deborah Birx is doing in her interview with CNN? Is she blithely stating that, oh yeah, we probably should not have deceived the American people for those final seven months of Donald Trump’s presidency, needlessly abetting the deaths of 400,000 Americans? If only she had been in a position, you know, to do something about that.

Here’s her Profile In Cowardice, after her boss touts himself as “certainly I’m someone with a good you-know-what” (no…what?):

It’s like an Auschwitz guard who could’ve liberated prisoners but says later that if he’d have done so, that might’ve alarmed the other concentration campers that something was amiss where that smoke stack was continuously spewing white ash.

No, it’s certainly not all her fault. But is she atoning here? Is she attempting to say, You don’t understand; if I had contradicted Donald….what? Was Putin going to poison her? She had her chance to resign and speak up last summer. She rolled the dice, hoped Trump would win, and that she’d never have to come to terms with her dereliction of duty.

In moments such as these, I go to old friend Rust Cohle to provide some wisdom and advice for dear ol’ Dr. Birx.

Baylor Out

Few if any schools can survive a 19-0 second half run by Connecticut and still be in a position to win the game at the end. But that was the case with defending national championship Baylor last night. Also, the Huskies were not called for a foul against DiJonai Carrington in the closing moments with a one-point lead.

UConn frosh Paige Bueckers had 28 in the win and we’re here for a Stanford-UConn championship match, should it happen.

Afterward Kim Mulkey, Baylor coach, suggested that there be no more COVID testing during either the men’s or women’s tournaments because it would be a shame to have a game canceled at this point and she was immediately sent a gift hoodie by the folks at the MGM sports book in Vegas. I mean, I kind of see her point and she does live in Texas, after all.

Buffalo Woes

The Buffalo Sabres had been winless in their previous 17 games before hosting the Philadelphia Flyers. Then Buffalo took a 3-0 lead into the third period. You know what happens next? Philly scores three goals in the third, forces OT, and then wins in OT.

That’s 18 in a row for Buffalo. Don’t worry, gang, it”ll be shorts weather in only two months.

Hustle and Flow

Iceland. Tell me you wouldn’t do this if the opportunity availed itself…

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Love that U Conn is playing U of A — especially after telling people about your U Conn book!!! As an AZ native, my hopes are pinned on U of A.

    As a former “female jock” (are the quotes still necessary — as if that term remains an oxymoron like “jumbo shrimp”?!?), I totally support Title IX; however, I do not watch women’s sports as much as I should….which makes me a hypocrite.

  2. I’m commenting on my own comment to ask where/whether a 3/31/21 MediumHappy post exists. Could not find it and was hoping for responses to my 3/30/21 comment about the hypocrisy of supporting Title IX verbally while doing not much (if anything) to support it behaviorally. I think that this juxtaposition should be discussed rather than ignored.

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