by John Walters

Welcome To Hell

Bernie Madoff is dead at 82. If Hell exists, he’s in the midst of the admittance process. Financial news pundits and the WSJ will refer to Madoff as a financier or an investment strategist, but let’s simplify it: he was a thief.

Madoff was a thief and Ponzi Schemer who robbed tens of thousands of people who trusted him with their lives’ savings of millions and millions of dollars. Long may he burn.

To Term A COIN

One of our (former?) readers has long been a cryptocurrency pessimist, comparing it to the 17th Century Tulip Mania. But our reader was talking that way back when Bitcoin was still about $15,000 per coin. This morning one Bitcoin is selling for more than $64,000. Is she wrong or are we simply still in the midst of our mania bubble? I dunno.

But today is a landmark date in cryptocurrency’s evolution, as the company Coinbase (COIN) goes public. What does Coinbase do? I got this from the web:

Founded in 2012, Coinbase is the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, with 56 million verified users in the first quarter. Its online platform allows users to buy, sell, transfer, and store Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

COIN is supposed to open trading later this morning at $250 per share.

April In Arizona

The State Tree, the palo verde, in full bloom.

Stand Back And Stand By And Stand Down

The Inspector General’s 104-page report, titled, “Review of the Events Surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, Takeover of the U.S. Capitol,” finds that U.S. Capitol police were “ordered not to use its most powerful nonlethal weapons.”

By whom? And why not? I think we know the answers, don’t we?

Mistress Distress

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