by John Walters

And Still, She Persisted

It shouldn’t be so difficult, should it? Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) stood up in the House chamber last night and boldly spoke the truth:

For this Cheney (whose father, as vice-president it must be noted, propagated the first Big Lie of this century, that Saddam had “weapons of mass destruction”) was ousted from her position of leadership within the GOP inside the House.

One. One Republican has the nuts to speak the truth to this death-to-democracy cult. And she doesn’t even have nuts.

They Got The Beat

Even though they only wrote the second-best song titled “Head Over Heels” in the ’80s, the Go Go’s have long deserved to be inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Name another exclusively distaff band that released as many great tunes and played all their own music. None exists.

“Our Lips Are Sealed,” “Vacation,” “Head Over Heels,” “Turn To You,” “Beneath The Blue Skies,” “Cool Jerk,” and, of course, the song that started it all, “We Got The Beat.” To have been in high school while all of this was happening, and to see the girls I knew of (but didn’t actually know) be so heavily influenced by the Go Go’s style, well, what a time it was to be alive.

They came outta nowhere (L.A., actually) and flamed out within, well, three years, but in that short span Belinda Carlisle and the girls seemed to be having as much fun and exuding it through their music as any SoCal band since the Beach Boys.

They’re in. It’s long overdue. Next up: Boston.


Worried about a short-term gas shortage, white, obese southeasterners (how did you know?) hurried to the pumps to load up on petrol. The less industrious and prepared used plastic bags to fill with gasoline. Just waiting for the first story of how an entire trailer park went up in flames in Tennessee.

Warriors, Come Out And Play-ayyyyy

On consecutive nights, the Golden State Warriors hosted the teams with the NBA’s top-two records, the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns. And the Dubs, who might’ve been back to .500 had they been swept, instead won both games.

Last night GSW beat the Phoenix Suns, 122-116, despite Steph Curry shooting just 1-11 from beyond the arc. Andrew Wiggins, former No. 1 overall pick, scored 38.

Harbinger or anomaly? We’ll see. The Dubs most certainly will meet the Lakers in the first play-in game and will likely face either Phoenix or Utah in the first round.

R.I.P., Colt

Former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan has died at the age of 37, a victim of a fentanyl overdose. Brennan never took a regular season snap in the NFL, but he was a legit legend as a college QB.

A former high school back up at Mater Dei in Orange County to Matt Leinart, Brennan spent one season at Colorado and was dismissed from the squad. He wound up in Honolulu and quickly embraced June Jones’ high-octane passing offense. In 2006 Brennan threw an NCAA-record 58 TD passes (only eclipsed in 2019 by Joe Burrow of LSU). I was at the 2006 Christmas Eve Hawaii Bowl where Brennan tossed 5 TD passes in an annihilation of Arizona State.

The following season he’d throw 38 TD passes, lead Hawaii to a 12-0 record and a Sugar Bowl berth (the Rainbow Warriors were pasted by Georgia, 41-10) and finish third in Heisman Trophy voting.

His death seems linked to a car accident he had a few years back, the aftermath of which got him hooked on pain-killer opioids. As if HBO’s doc that premiered on Sunday about the Sackler family, “The Crime Of The Century,” needed any more of a nudge.

The Kid

…won his initial bet yesterday, picking the Dodgers to beat the Mariners against the moneyline.

So his account now stands at $1,100 from an initial account of $1,000. We’ll see if he provides a wager for tonight. Stay tuned.


AVALANCHE -345 vs Kings

Bet $345 to win $100 on the Avs.

From The Kid:

“This is one of those rare instances where I will be more upset with the team than with myself if it’s a loss.

“There is not a single team in America that has more to play for tonight than the Avs. They went into Vegas and escaped with a victory and now control their own destiny for the overall number-one seed. They recently just beat the Kings twice on the road and are 14-0-1 at home in the last 15 games.

6 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I don’t know exactly how you are scoring this, but if your buddy was at $1,000, and bet $100 at -215, he isn’t now at $1100. He would have won less than $100 on that bet.

        • I’ll work on my verbiage.

          If he’d lost, he would have lost $215.
          If he’d won, he would have won $100.
          I think that makes sense, no?
          So he bet $215 to win $100.

          Do I have it correct now?

          • That is correct if he bet $215, but I think your original post yesterday said he was betting $100. He would not have lost $215 if he only bet $100 – that is not possible.

            Just make sure you set out how much he is betting every day; i.e., he is betting $100 every day, or he is betting the amount necessary to win $100. The former is probably the easier way to do it, unless he is going to pick a favorite every day.

  2. Your favorite copy editor checking in here:

    “Former Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan has died at the age of 37, a victim of a fentanyl overdoes.”

    Overdoes should be overdose.

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