by John Walters

Nobody Beats The Wiz (Twice In 3 Days)

Washington seals the 8th playoff spot in the East via a 142-115 beatdown of Indiana. Six different Wizards scored in double figures, from Bradley Beal (25) and Russell Westbrook (18) above to some dude named Daniel Gafford (15). The Wiz will face the Nets, who landed the top seed in the East. If your first-round playoff series contains five surefire Hall of Famers (six?), consult your nearest physician.

Say What?

Two big mistakes here. The first is from Republican congressman Carlos Gimenez of Florida stating, on air, on camera, that he had people in his hotel room at 9 a.m. on January 6th stating they were “going to do something” that afternoon. The second is from Erin Burnett, who is not paying close enough attention to call him on it. Who were these people? Why did you not warn anyone? What specifically did they say they were planning?

Now, the moment has passed. Gimenez will either say he misspoke or that he did not hear anything specifically as to what they were planning or that he has no idea who they were.

Going forward, the most sinister thing the GOP is doing is attempting to normalize the capacity for state legislatures (ruled by Republicans in key states) to overrule the will of the people. To simply say that they don’t care what the popular vote was, they’re going to figure out a way to say that the election was tainted and that they’ll refuse to ratify the vote. They’re attempting to make this the new normal.

This is why we need to eliminate electors and make it a pure popular vote. Even if it’s a popular vote by state, with each state having a certain number of electoral votes. You can’t just rewrite the rules when you don’t like who wins (even if the NBA does it all the time where the Lakers are concerned).

Friends In Their Fifties

A Cup Of Grammar

The Kid

…triumphed again last night as Montreal thwarted Toronto, 2-1.

That pushes his record to 6-2 and his bank to $1,320.

Today The Kid goes arcane, to the third tier of English football, English League One (not to be confused with The English League, I confess). He likes…

BLACKPOOL +125 over Oxford United.

Betting $100 to win $125 should Blackpool prevail.

I’m fairly certain Blackpool was one of the seven kingdoms in Game Of Thrones.

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