by John Walters

Coach 401-K

Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, the most successful, and perhaps most influential coach of the past four decades, announces that he will retire after next season. Coach K, 74, has won five national titles in Durham and won 1,170 games (361 defeats). Among D-I men’s coaches, only John Wooden has won more national titles and nobody has won more games.

Homicidal Hokie?*

*The judges will also accept, “Isi Innocent Or Guilty?”

In Blacksburg, Va., early enrollee freshman linebacker Isi Etute may be entering the transfer portal to a maximum-security prison. Etute, from Virginia Beach, has been charged with 2nd-degree murder. Not much else is known at this time but he’s off the two-deep chart.


Before remarking on the nastiness of this hit, notice the score. Montreal leads Winnipeg 4-3 with less than a minute remaining in Game 1 of their series. The puck has been cleared, it’s an empty net situation, and the Canadiens’ Jake Evans is about to drop in the clincher here. But then the Jets’ Mark Scheifele lays out a high check that sends Evans into the Northwest Territories.

Evans, not that anyone was paying too much attention, did score. He was also carried off the ice on a stretcher.

No word thus far on Evans’ condition or how long Scheifele will be suspended. Evans did remain motionless on the ice for a few minutes, but he was not taken to hospital (as Canadians say). Some hockey folk are saying this is a clean hit, and we’re not hockey experts (to say the least). Regardless, we imagine that going forward Scheifele will be a (dons sunglasses)…Mark’ed man.

Rule No. 1 (Again)

Above, the summit of Mount Russell in Sequoia National Park in California. Seems a little precarious to be walking so casually and you know what? It is. Over the Memorial Day weekend a 56 year-old hiker from San Jose plunged 500 feet to his death not far from this spot. Honestly, this wouldn’t be the worst way to go. Maybe about 20 years older than 56, but all things considered…

Herd Community

In China, a peregrinating pack of pachyderms have wandered more than 300 miles north of their habitat and they’ve been “stealing” food and even liquor. You might call them rogue elephants. They’re now approaching Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan, a city of some 6 million residents. Related: there are lots of Chinese people. Not as many Chinese elephants.

Of course, this may sound like a cute story but the real story is that their habitat is being destroyed and they’re hungry. They’re refugees, in a sense. It would be nice if man did his part to protect these incredible (and highly intelligent) creatures. Let them live.

The Kid

(Close-up of me looking at The Kid after he told me he was taking the Clips yesterday)

…took one on the chin last night as the road team in the Mavs-Clippers series won for the fifth time in as many games.

He falls to 11-7 and $795 (or $205 under water).

Tonight he likes the suns +125 at LAKERS. $125 if he wins, down $100 if he loses.

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  1. Eighteen bets and down 20%. I’m starting to wonder if the whole point of your gambling feature was a “Scared Straight” type of thing.

  2. Good mornig,

    No blog today as the MH SuperCompooter is in the repair shop. We should return Monday if the staff is sober.

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