by John Walters

Don’t Mess With Texas B/C Texas Is A Mess

Remember, oh, a few months ago when Texas was TOO COLD and residents were burning furniture to stay warm because the grid was down and its GOP leadership was blaming it on wind turbines? Well, here we are a few months later and now Texas is TOO HOT and once again citizens are being asked to live as if they are in a third-world country (don’t do laundry or dishes, please).

Maybe Texas just has a major Goldilocks problem?

This is because Texas’ leadership wants to remain fiercely independent, which comes at a price to Texans when your leadership is also grossly incompetent, corrupt, misogynistic and ignorant. Funny how life works that way.

There are three states we’ve spent time in that seemed markedly different than the rest of the USA in terms of infrastructure, plumbing, road maintenance and just general functionality: Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Now what else do those three states have in common, you might ask?

Texas, unlike those other two states, has no excuse. It’s a wealthy state with tons of resources that has long been grossly mismanaged. Oh, but its high school football fields are the best in the nation.


Forgot to include this yesterday, but it’s one of Bill Maher’s better “New Rules” essays. What I love about Maher, admire about him, is that he’s as likely to piss off the Far Left as he is the Far Right. Because he’s not about searching for affirmation or protection from either tribe. He’s about looking for the truth. And if you disagree with his truth, please just show us the facts. I think he’s spot-on here. If you disagree, tell us why.

Roger That

Here’s Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, a true rock god (whom we had the privilege of serving tequila shots back in 2012), going full-blast on the awfulness that has always been Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

The Last Frontier Rail

Did you know about the Alaska Railroad? You can fly your ass to Anchorage, the state’s largest city, and from there embark either north- or southbound. You can go by rail to Seward or to Fairbanks. You can even take it directly to Denali, home of the national park that is home to the highest peak in North America. The state of Alaska owns and operates the railroad, which actually covers relatively little ground in the entirety of The Last Frontier. The state understands its value both for freight and tourism.

It’s never been easier to explore this planet (with access to beer most of the way), and yet so many people are addicted to their laptops and home base. What would Jack London think?

The Kid

…Speaking of rails, train kept a’ rollin’, all night long… he improves to 18-7, seven straight wins, off last night’s Vegas shutout of Montreal. He’s at 18-7, a 72% win percentage, and up to $1,535.

Today he likes Portugal and confirmed aqua drinker Cristiano Ronaldo over Hungary in the EuroCup. That’s a -220 bet, so $100 to win and $220 to lose.

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