by John Walters

Remember The Amnio!*

*The judges will also accept “The Elephant In The Womb” and “Fetal Positions”

The abortion issue is a simple question of the lesser of two evils. Is it right to abort a pregnancy and put a fetus to death unnaturally? No. Is it good to saddle a woman with a pregnancy and a total overhaul of her life because of an unwanted pregnancy, particularly if the sex was non-consensual? Given that choice, you decide what the lesser of two evils is.

Of course, the Texas legislature and the U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, decided that the latter is the lesser of the two evils. But let’s be frank here: Keeping women in the kitchen and at home raising babies and out of positions of economic power much less government is the real goal here. Particularly poor and middle-class ones.

That SCOTUS allowed a law to stand that encourages other Texans to snitch on anyone remotely associated with an abortion and make money off it ($10,000!) is straight-up Dark Ages behavior. Even if someone is innocent, they’re going to have to pay a lawyer to defend them and they won’t be able to recover that court cost.

Will abortions in Texas (and other red states soon to feel emboldened on this reversal of Roe V. Wade) cease? No, they’ll just happen clandestinely and in unsafe fashion. Anyone ever see In The Heat Of The Night? Yup, that.

The staff here at MH encourages all women of child-bearing age to flee Texas forthwith. And what, then, will the men of Texas do for, um, satisfaction? Well, they can do what many of us have been telling Texas to do for years now: Go f*ck themselves.*

*And before one of my most loyal readers lectures me on Christianity and how wrong it is to take a life, I’ll remind him that pro-lifers seem to care a lot more about the lives of unborn babies than they do of children and adults. When they begin to show me that they give the slightest sh*t about those who are already born and poor and hungry and homeless, I’ll begin to feel their sincerity about cute unborn babies.

Stupid Human Tricks


Or this?

The MH staff thinks trickster No. 1 is much further down the Darwinian ladder….

One thought on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. I agree that Christians are doing a shitty job of going the next step in the process of protecting life by not caring as much, nor supporting, new mothers and their cute, newborn babies.

    I believe that the mega churches need to start programs to help single mothers, and poorer families with kids. To provide diapers, formula, day care, job training, clothing, groceries, emotional support, etc. That would be the church in action. The Bible’s widow is today’s single mother. We ought to be taking care of them and the poor, as directed by the J-man Himself.

    There are some church programs and ministries that do this, but they are either small, underfunded, or both. The hyper-focus on the sanctity of human life – especially between conception and birth – is not enough.

    And, I think that it’s being lost in the shuffle what exactly the Supreme Court did. The legality of the law was not decided by the 9 Supremes. It hasn’t, yet, been presented to them in that way. As I understand it, some form of an injunction was asked for and they declined. So, it will, at some point, make its way to the high court.

    The strategy used to make it hard to challenge in court is what intrigues me. And frightens me, too. To take the burden off of the government to enforce the law is scary and could be used in other ways. Of concern for red state republicans would be gun control. You could potentially have people suing Smith & Wesson, and other gun/gun accessory manufacturers (think bump stocks) that were part of a shooting, mass or otherwise. Whatever legislation you agree or disagree with, this strategy is a slippery slope and could have some dire consequences – good and bad. It’s certainly a nuanced discussion that isn’t as cut and dry as a killer meme or protest sign (Quick thought, are protest signs the grandparents of Twitter? Discuss.).

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