by John Walters

Nikola Tesla was one of the smartest human beings of the industrial age, right up there with Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Al Gore. But he never quite earned the accolades in life that he has earned post-mortem, tangentially, via the eponymous car that has now become synonymous with the future.

Tesla’s stock exploded yesterday (up > 12%) on news that Hertz would be ordering 100,000 of its vehicles to add to its fleet. That gong you hear is the future letting petroleum-based automobiles that the end, while maybe more than a tank of gas away, is coming.

Tesla’s stock jump alone yesterday was worth more than the total market cap value of Ford, the embodiment of the 20th-century American automobile. Just the stock jump. Not the total value. Tesla’s up another four percent this morning.

Price values of Tesla stock (TSLA) in the last week of October the past 10 years:

Oct. 31, 2011…. $5.90

Oct. 31, 2012…. $5.91

Oct. 28, 2013… $34.09

Oct. 27, 2014… $48.90

Oct. 28, 2015… $43.42

Oct. 31, 2016… $40.49

Oct. 30, 2017… $66.52

Oct. 29, 2018… $69.84

Oct. 29, 2019… $68.16

Oct. 26, 2020… $430.50

Oct. 26, 2021… $1,070

Clearly, the pandemic has, for whatever reasons, coincided with a gigantic leap in Tesla’s value. It’s basically off the charts after already having a healthy 1,200% jump between 2011-2019. What it has done in the two years since is nutty.

What’s next? Is it too late to invest? Enola Gay says, “No! No no no!”

It’s the stock that has come to embody THE FUTURE. Right or wrong, that’s the way investors see it.


  1. The following is set to the classic tune Hot Rod Lincoln :

    “Have you heard the story of the hot stock race
    Where crypto & memes were settin’ the pace?
    Well, that story is true ’cause I’m here to say
    I’m an ecstatic owner of Ni-vid-I-AYYYYEE

    It’s into GPUs, the cloud & AI too
    It’ll be rulin’ the world in another decade or two
    It’s got multiple divisions, excels in them all
    The stock’s now in overdrive, just won’t stall

    I 1st bought in a decade ago
    Added more shares 4 times or so
    Those 1st 5 years it seemed stuck on a hill
    Now we’re passin’ stocks like they are standing still

    All of a sudden in the blink of an eye
    A TESLA junk heap passed us by
    I said “Boys, this one’s marked for me”
    But by then the tail lights was all you could see

    Now the fellas kid me for being behind
    So I thought I’d just sit back & watch NVDA unwind
    Fluffed my sofa cushions & man alive
    The stock’s gone on UP into overdrive!

    But after a 4 for 1 split a few months ago
    The stock’s been idlin’ like a horse hearing “whoa”
    Well, TODAY my jaw has dropped like lead to the floor
    And that’s all there is, there ain’t no more”

    🙂 🙂 🙂


      I now have my 2nd 100-bagger! NIVIDIAHHHHHHHH!

      Ok, ok, technically, my “1st 100 bagger” is no longer in the club (especially today), but it will get there again.

      Anyhoo, I’d scream & dance around my house if not recovering from a double tooth extraction (for future dental implants). Instead, I’m just doing a version of the “wave” on the sofa. 🙂
      My teeth are VERY difficult to remove & my current oral surgeon (he’s done my last 4 extractions) discerns/shows me why on the x-ray : I apparently have “fat-bottomed teeth”. I immediately started humming some Queen…. 🙂 🙂

      With teeth like mine, one NEEDS multiple 100-baggers!

  2. Just pleeze tell me you still own your NVDA? Woot, woot!

    Any chance you’ll be back here daily again anytime sooooon? I realize that all that effort/work merely for adulation from never-seen “virtual readers” hardly compares to, er, actual paying gigs but we miss reading your words of wisdom (& banter & sarcasm…).
    Not sure how much longer I can keep holding up a lighter waiting for your return; my arm is getting tired so get your butt out here. Pretty please. 🙂

  3. Phoof, phooh, phoof (me breathing into a paper bag)… I FEEL FAINT!

    I’m sitting on my sofa & yet still feel the need to “sit down”.

    Seriously, how much longer can the stock market (especially Nasdaq) keep going up, up, & away before a correction slams all back to earth?

    Right this minute, my stock account is up for the day more than a quarter of what I make from my job in a YEAR! I feel giddy & about ready to upchuck.

    May your day be equally as “tilt-a-whirl”. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Meanwhile……128 BAGGER! I say “META”, you say “VERSE”!
    META! ….VERSE!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I TRY not to allow myself to think where I’d be if I’d invested $10,000 or more back in 2011 & 2012 when I made my 1st 4 buys (on a beach…somewhere…telling the cabana boy to fetch me another Diet Peps… 🙂 ) But as it is, for the 1ST TIME EVER, I can breathe a sigh of relief that with just this ONE STOCK HOLDING (in 25-30 years), the cost of my long term care coverage (AND MY 2 SISTERS! as yes, I realized a few years ago that I’ll need to cover theirs too) will be covered! I feel like I hit the freakin Power Ball!

    The only negative with the last 4 months is that even though I own over 60 stocks, my biggest 2 holdings are now worth over 50% of the account! When either has a “bad day”, my account takes a major NOSE DIIIIIIIIIVE; massive enough that you need to hold on to something to “gird yourself” to look at the account. But that’s the cost of the ticket to ride.

    “She’s got a ticket to ride
    She’s got a ticket to ride
    She’s got a ticket to ride
    But she don’t care”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    MISS YA, jdubs!

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