by John Walters

Wait For It

This joke is worth it, even if it takes a moment to adjust to this man’s accent. My favorite part is that as soon as he says, “While the government is sleeping…” you know the rest of the punchline.

Winner! Winner! No One’s Dinner

When this little buddy returned to the herd, his “You’re not gonna believe what just happened to me” story is gonna be good.

Why Do People Make Sports Lists On Twitter

Yesterday a local sports journalist here posted his 15 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks list without naming Fran Tarkenton or Roger Staubach. I’m obviously a prisoner of my youth but how do you have neither of those two among the Top 15? They only Seventies QB he included was Terry Bradshaw. Augh. Even Dan Fouts might crack the Top 15. Or Kenny Stabler. We’re all entitled to our opinion and there are no egregiously bad picks here, but the league changed after Bill Walsh became a head coach and you cannot use yesteryear’s stats versus today’s to assess QBs.

Of course, that take pales in comparison to this one:

I loved Todd Gurley, as you may recall a plethora of Gurley Man references back in the day, but Herschel Walker was the best college running back I ever saw. To be listed No. 3 at his own school?!?

Mama Se Mama Sa Mamakossa


1-5: Name a song title and artist for at least five different days of the week. The title needs the day in it but can also, of course, include other words.

6. Who holds the NFL record for rushing yards per game in a single season?
7. Name a state whose borders have no straight lines.

8. How many companies comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

10 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. 1. Sunday Will Never Be The Same – Spanky & Our Gang
    2. Monday Monday – Mamas & the Paps
    3. Tuesday Afternoon – Moody Blues
    4. Friday on My Mind – Easybeats
    5. Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers
    6. O.J. Simpson
    7. Hawaii
    8. 30

  2. Little Chocolate Donuts, actually.

    I propose that we accumulate our winnings until the end of the year, and then you let us shop from a gallery of merchandise like they used to do on Wheel of Fortune. I’m sure you have a closet full of SWAG from your decades in sportswriting.
    SI Sneaker Phone, Weed Eater Bowl paperweight, etc..

  3. “Why Do People Make Sports Lists On Twitter”? I think you know, and to some degree ARE, the answer.

    BTW, so glad to have you back on a more or less daily basis…this is my favorite blog of all time, so thanks and kudos!

  4. Every 70s kid had an NFL replica jersey (from the Sears catalog) with a No. 12 on it — Staubach, Bradshaw, Namath, Griese and Stabler all wore it.

    Comparing QBs over time is a fool’s errand, but there has to be at least a little more acknowledgement of Hall of Famers that played pre-1970. Sammy Baugh may be one of the top 20 players ever, and Otto Graham is in that discussion. And I love Mahomes, but let’s give that some time before we rank him above Johnny Unitas.

  5. I’m not playing the quiz but did want to offer up 2 song “day” titles :

    SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN – Kris Kristofferson


    • I had the same Sunday song as you, Susie B (sorry, Bono)


      “Monday” by Wilco
      “Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones
      “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure
      “Saturday In The Park” by Chicago

  6. Even though the $Quiz has been won, here’s another set of “day” songs
    Sunday Morning- Maroon 5 (listen to the demo version and weep for the soullessness of the band’s recent output)
    Manic Monday- The Bengals/Prince
    Ruby Tuesday- The Rolling Stones
    Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.- Simon and Garfunkel
    Friday I’m in Love- The Cure

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