by John Walters

R.I.P., David Crosby

Farewell to one of the giants of rock and roll’s primordial era, David Crosby, who passed yesterday at the age of 81. Crosby sang harmony on “Turn Turn Turn” with The Byrds and on “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” “Carry On,” and “Southern Cross”* with Crosby, Stills & Nash. He played Woodstock.

This is more than FORTY YEARS after the song was released. Still smokin’.

Crosby spent years in addiction, then in recovery. With that crazy mustache, mischievous grin and schlubby bod, he almost came off as the most approachable of rock legends. Asked in the outstanding 2018 documentary “Echo In The Canyon” why CSN&Y broke up, he was blunt and funny. “Because I was an asshole,” he told Jakob Dylan.

A wonderful soul. A ground-floor member of rock and roll history.

*A quick word on “Southern Cross,” which I recommend anyone listen to again. It was released in 1982 and never cracked the Top 15. A shame. But that was peak New Wave era and also hair metal was just taking hold and of course, the MTV. A band like CSN seemed like a hopeless anachronism at the time. It was simply not appreciated at the time.

Dollar Quiz

  1. What were the first names of Lewis & Clark?
  2. Air Supply had eight Top 5 hits. The Little River Band had nine Top 20 hits. Name one member of either Australian band (I can not, off the top of my head).
  3. The ’85 Chicago Bears lost one regular season game. Who beat them and in what venue?
  4. Who is the NBA’s all-time scoring leader among left-handed players?
  5. What actual historic event is the springboard for all of the shenanigans in the 1959 classic Some Like It Hot?

5 thoughts on “IT’S ALL HAPPENING!

  1. Finally woke up early enough to participate-

    1. Merriwether Lewis and William Clark
    2. No clue
    3. Dolphins in the Orange Bowl on Monday Night
    4. David Robinson
    5. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

  2. 1. Meriwether and William
    2. Olivia Newton John
    3. Packers at Milwaukee County Stadium
    4. Pistol Pete
    5. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

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