by John Walters

Starting Five

1. McMaster Of The House

Critics are praising Donald Trump’s selection of three-star general H.R. McMaster as the latest National Security Adviser because he has a degree from West Point, was a decorated field commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has a Ph.D. in military history from the University of North Carolina.

Personally, I think Donald chose him because he looks like a guy who would play a general in an action movie and because of his last name. Also, because if he (or a minion) Googled McMaster he’d see that his wife is named Kathleen Trotter and maybe Trump mistook her for Canadian fitness guru Kathleen Trotter. Maybe?

Not the general's wife. Not even his McMistress

Not the general’s wife. Not even his McMistress

Oh, that doctoral thesis was turned into a book, Dereliction of Duty, in which McMaster wrote, “The war in Vietnam was not lost in the field, nor was it lost on the front pages of the New York Times or the college campuses. It was lost in Washington, D.C.”

Clip and save.

2. A.D. and Boogie

At the time of the trade, DeMarcus Cousins, 6’11”, was fourth in the NBA in scoring (27.8 ppg). Anthony Davis, 6’10”, was fifth in the league in scoring (27.7 ppg). It’s rare enough to have two teammates finish in the Top 5 in scoring, but rarer still—in fact, as far as MH’s crack research staff of kindly Twitter followers who did the work for us can tell, it has NEVER HAPPENED—for two teammates 6’10” or taller to do so.


So let’s see if this pair of Kentucky products can maintain those levels of production. It’s intriguing in this age of bombs-away from beyond the arc to watch a team literally double down on low-post scoring (even though both are decent outside shooters). The Pelicans are taking the ’75 Corvette out for a spin. At least it’ll be fun to watch.

There was no cooler American-made car in the Seventies, though as the decades pass, the GTO and Challenger get more love

There was no cooler American-made car in the Seventies, though as the decades pass, the GTO and Challenger get more love

By the way, the Pelicans also have THREE seven-footers in their lineup. Wouldn’t you love to see coach Alvin Gentry put those three, plus Boogie and point guard AD on the floor just once?

3. The Curious Case of the Russian Diplomat Who Was Found Dead on Election Day

Who killed Sergei Krivov, who was found dead at 7 a.m. inside the Russian consulate on East 90th Street in New York City? Or did he die of natural causes? Where is his body? And why has the NYPD closed the case while the medical examiner’s office, which no longer has the corpse, still has it open? An intriguing read from Buzzfeed, although I’m not sure where they got the fact that there was “blunt force trauma” to his head.

Not directly related, but such a good line from last night:


4. Black And White Lives Matter

Just once, can't we meet a panda named

Just once, can’t we meet a panda named “Frank” or “Larry?”

This is Bao Bao, who is being deported from the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., to “CHI-na.” Or maybe I’m just panda’ing to my constituency, and it’s an open exchange between the two countries. Frankly, I think the D.C. Zoo is getting fleeced in the deal and it doesn’t help that zoo director Vlade Divac admitted they had a better deal from the Prague Zoo two days earlier but turned it down.

5. CPAC Disinvites Milo

Dude, we're all for hate speech, but you gotta tone down that whole sodomizing boys is okay thing, Okay?

Dude, we’re all for hate speech, but you gotta tone down that whole sodomizing boys is okay thing, Okay?

In this very space yesterday I defended Milo Yiannopoulos as someone whose political thoughts I almost universally disagreed with but as someone who was at least funny and smart. Also, as someone later pointed out on CNN, he’s very good at “identity politics,” claiming you can’t call him a bigot because after all he’s gay and has a black boyfriend.*

*Oh, but see, that’s the thing about sexuality; it makes hypocrites of us all. Ask Thomas Jefferson.

Anyway, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) loved Milo way more than I do, inviting him to be a speaker as their way to show libtards, cucks and snowflakes how horny they are about the First Amendment (because it allows them to say bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic things and if you cucks don’t like it, then you are hyporcrites). But then came word that Milo had laughed off and condoned pedophilia by Catholic priests, and apparently we discovered the new line in the sand not to be crossed in the CPAC sandbos.

So Milo was disinvited—and he also lost a book deal. Of course, all of this will only increase his popularity with the alt-right-delete crowd. Of course, CPAC, which runs from February 22-25, has not rescinded the speaker invitation of Donald “Grab ’em by the pu**y” Trump for its conference. Or Mike “conversion therapy” Pence. Good times.


This as the cover would have generated more heat and pub

This as the cover would have generated more heat and pub

Casa Bianca

I was fortunate enough to work at Sports Illustrated throughout the 1990s, in the last years when the SI Swimsuit Issue was still a buzz-worthy phenomenon. Then Maxim and other lad mags as well as the internet came along and watered down its influence.

Anyway, one man’s opinion, but I thought the mag might have drawn more attention last week by putting a relative unknown on the cover as opposed to Kate “Check Out These Milk Cannisters” Upton. Four more inspired choices? Bailey Clauson, Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Anne De Paula and/or rookie Bianca Balti, of Italy, above. Now you are in a Baltic state of mind.

Music 101

Drain You

Yesterday Kurt Cobain would have turned 50. Time marches on. On December 29, 1991, I sat onstage (thanks, Lorraine) in Tempe, Arizona, as Nirvana played a 12-song set, sandwiched between Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. This was the song they led off with that night in the desert.

This is a wonderful interview of Cobain late in his life. He’s really such a down-to-earth guy. He was never the overly affected rocker you might have supposed him to be.

Remote Patrol

The Detour

TBS 10 p.m.

The Parker family moves to New York City for Season 2. Jason Jones (who created this series with his wife, Samantha Bee, perhaps you’ve heard of her) and Natalie Zea star and if you missed the rookie season, try to catch the re-runs. It’s twisted, kind of a Flirting With Disaster meets Little Miss Sunshine meets We’re The Millers, but funnier.


by John Walters

Starting Five

Cover Me

A couple days ago Bruce Springsteen and the E  Street Band were playing in Brisbane, Australia, and this happened. Stick around ’til the end because the lad, Nathan Teston, lands a souvenir.

Just because it’s Another Day of Trump doesn’t mean we always have to begin with a downer….


At least Curry was honest about it....

At least Curry was honest about it….

I went to a basketball game and the Pro Bowl broke out.

2017 NBA All-Star Game: West 192, East 182

(I got out my calculator out, and that’s 374 points).*

*All-Star Game Record

 A few plays later, Curry went up for a defensive rebound, and Giannis happened...

A few plays later, Curry went up for a defensive rebound, and Giannis happened…

In case you were curious:

2014: East 163, West 155; 318 points. A record.

2015: West 163, East 158; 321 points. A new record.

2016: West 196, East 173; 369 points. A new record.

The last time I saw a market rise this irrationally, Michael Burry shorted it and became a kabillionaire. ESPN wants to talk about the Durant-Westbrook Alley Oop Armistice, but I think Marv Albert was making a more salient point: Sure, we like to see offense, but can we keep the dunk contest on Saturday and actually play a little bit of defense?

Not sure what carrot we need to dangle. Maybe the losing team has to get into a ship with Kyrie “Panned Planethood” Irving and sail off the edge of the Earth?

3. Artificial Sweden-er



Among the many dubious things Donald Trump said at Saturday’s “Rally To Massage My Fragile Ego,” he brought up Europe and terrorism: “We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden, who would believe this?”

To which Sweden asked, “What?!?” (Or however you say that in Swedish).

This is from Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister of Sweden:


Trump was citing a Fox News interview he must’ve seen on Friday evening, but what’s funny is that even a few Fox News anchors have decided to no longer carry the president’s water. We featured a clip from Shepherd Smith last week, but here’s Chris Wallace (son of Mike) informing Reince Priebus that after only one month, the Trump White House has whined more about the media and said far more inflammatory things than Trump’s predecessor ever did.

Priebus kept talking about needing to get “sources on the record.” Like Deep Throat, Reince?

Meanwhile, how can we pass up a chance to replay “Let’s Look For Swedes…”

4. Boogie Down*

Is this the scariest man in the NBA?

Is this the scariest man in the NBA?

*The judges will grudgingly accept Sacramento King Cake and somewhat more enthusiastically accept “Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?”

Sacramento King DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins only played two minutes in last night’s All-Star Game and as I was mostly watching The Saviors vs. The Kingdom vs. Alexandria vs. the newest gang, The Heap-sters (love that name), I just assumed he’d been ejected. Turns out the talented but tumultuous big man was about to be traded.

Pelicans get: Cousins and forward Omri Casspi.

Kings get: Noted nut-puncher of Cousins, Buddy Hield; Tyreke Evans; Langston Galloway; a 2017 1st round, a 2017 second round.

As MH reader Okerland tweeted: “See what happens when you punch Boogie in the nuts?”

From heel to Hield in Sac-Town....

From heel to Hield in Sac-Town….

Cousins, who is 4th in the NBA in scoring and 11th in rebounding, is supremely gifted and still only 26. But he’s a little bit moody. Just a touch. If he and fellow former Kentucky big man Anthony Davis, who is 5th in the NBA in scoring and put up the easiest 52 points you’ve ever seen last night (an NBA All-Star Game record, but there was no defense, and these were mostly dunks, so….), then maybe the Pelicans can be something. They’ll still need a guard.

This trade isn’t about to bring Sac-Town to greatness, but they simply just got tired of Boogie being Boogie and knew when he became a FA this summer that he’d be leaving. As good as the surly 6’11’ Boogie is, this is his seventh NBA season and he still has yet to appear in a playoff game.

5. Milo: Hateful Ideas, But Charming and Smart

Kudos to Bill Maher for inviting every college student’s favorite alt-right target of hate, Milo Yiannopoulus, onto Real Time last Friday. I thought I’d be getting a younger version of Steve Bannon, a better-looking version of Stephen Miller, a just-as-punchable version of Richard Spencer, but you know what?

He’s a lot more like Bill Maher than any of those guys—just prettier. Milo is a world-class provocateur (during “Overtime” he got two of three panelists to tell him to “F**k yourself” or some variation) and he’s also funny and self-aware. Yes, some of what he spews is garbage, but he also has a lot more charm than anyone on the Trump staff or even in the alt-right universe. And he’s not stupid. Misguided in some of his opinions, but not stupid. Take a look.
Also, Bill Maher’s “Gall Pass” rant was right on (and by “right” I mean correct, not a political leaning). Watch it:

Music 101

I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All


If the topic is black female singers, you should be as familiar with Marilyn McCoo as you are with Whitney Houston or—do I dare?—Queen Bey. As the lead singer of The Fifth Dimension, it is the lovely McCoo’s lovely voice that you hear on “Wedding Bell Blues,” “Up, Up and Away” and this, the ultimate insomniac anthem. It climbed to No. 8 on the charts in spring of 1972.

Remote Patrol


11 p.m. Spike

Does George R.R. Martin write Game of Thrones if this hadn't come out?

Does George R.R. Martin write Game of Thrones if this hadn’t come out?

Maybe you’re the one person who is holding out and hasn’t seen this film. Maybe you thought you wouldn’t enjoy scenery of the Scottish Highlands, or men in kilts doing battle. Maybe you don’t have to be up early Tuesday morning. What Evs. On Oscar Week, let’s remember this ’95 film, a worthy Best Picture winner.



by John Walters

Starting Five

This photo isn't too impressive until you notice the two men in the sink hole

This photo isn’t too impressive until you notice the two men in the sink hole

California Streaming

Water, water, everywhere! California, land of the perpetual drought, is now its own disaster film. Five people died in various storm-related incidents (electrocution, submerged vehicle, pedestrian swept away) as presumably Albert “It Never Rains In Southern California” Hammond scrubbed a nostalgia gig.

Was it only two years ago, this same time of year, that SoCal was drenched with rain and Ellen DeGeneres kicked off the Oscars assuring the world that Hollywood was fine? At least the gods/God were kind enough to bring this storm a full week earlier this year.

2. Hangar Stake

In dire need of some emotional stroking after four weeks on the job, Donald Trump fled to Florida (again) and held a rally in front of 9,000 acolytes at an airport hangar in Melbourne. Donald played many of his heats (“Win, win, win”, “I inherited a mess”, “Get rid of the gang members,” “radical Islam”) but retired “Lock Her Up” and “What The Hell Is Going On In Chicago?”). Then he headed down to Mar-A-Lago.

Trump, the president of all 50 states, has visited Florida three times since being inaugurated, South Carolina once (on Friday), and Maryland briefly (to do a “My bad” in front of the parents of a slain Navy SEAL). That’s it.

There are doofuses who wrongly assume that because Trump stays at his own resort, he’s saving taxpayers money. WRONG. Here’s a Washington Post story detailing just how costly the president’s lifestyle already has been (the Secret Service is working at three dedicated locations–White House, Trump Tower, Mar-A-Lago, while also footing the bill when Donny, Jr., and Eric traveled to the UAE this weekend to conduct private Trump business; American taxpayers are basically underwriting the cost of Trump, Int. doing business; but then again, maybe we’ve already been doing that for decades).

Trump’s three Florida excursions have already cost taxpayers $10 million. When his predecessor took a four-day trip to Chicago and Florida that cost us $3.6 million, Republicans in Congress called for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) review Obama’s costs. When those same Republicans were asked if they’d do the same for Trump, they actually pointed to the Japanese prime minister’s visit as proof that Trump trips were all business.

3. The Mason-Jackson Line

Miss Jackson if you're nasty

Miss Jackson if you’re nasty

You need guards in the NCAA tournament, and Kansas has two of the nation’s best. Senior Frank Mason III is under six feet but he reminds you of Kemba Walker (who led UConn to a national title in 2011). Superfrosh Josh Jackson is a 6’8″ string bean who plays like a young Kobe Bryant.

Mason making plays

Mason making plays

Yesterday in Waco, No. 3 Kansas overcame a four-point deficit late to host No. 4 Baylor to win 67-65. Mason had 23 and Jackson 16. The defense got turnovers at key moments. The front court is not elite, but the Jayhawks (24-3) are going to be an awfully tough out in March and most likely the first weekend of April.

4. The People’s McCourt

You may have heard about Charlotte McCourt by now. A sixth grader and Girl Scout from South Orange, N.J, she hatched a devious plan to sell Girl Scout cookies: honesty. McCourt wrote a letter to her dad’s wealthy friend, Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, in which she bluntly reviewed her inventory (“Toffee Tastic is a bleak, gluten-free wasteland”), and then Rowe posted the letter on Facebook and talked about it, and the next thing you know McCourt had sold a Girl Scout-record 26,000-plus boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Did Sally Draper ever sell Girl Scout cookies?

Did Sally Draper ever sell Girl Scout cookies?

This is the most candid moment in advertising since Don Draper confessed to Hershey brass that he grew up in a whorehouse. Of course, the results of his brutal honesty did not go so well.

5. The Devil and Daniel Webster*

*The judges know: Too Easy

If you went to a Division III basketball game in Nashua, N.H., this weekend and a felony broke out, you were at the Daniel Webster-Southen Vermont College contest. Daniel Webster player Marquise Cardill, 22, was charged with assaulting an opponent and is being held on $50,000 bail. Teammate Antwaun Boyd, 23, was charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly inciting the crowd to hurt an officer who had stepped in to stop Cardill.

The game was forfeited and Southern Vermont won, 2-0. If you took Daniel Webster and laid the points, I don’t know what happens here.


by Michael DePaoli


According to The Arizona Republic, a drug catapult was found along the Mexican border that was capable of launching packages of marijuana weighing almost fifty pounds (Ed. Note: Or Mexican ninos y ninas?)

In a related story, my ladder at home was manufactured in Mexico. So, they have ladders in Mexico, in addition to catapults.

In another related story, Reuters is reporting that the current estimated price of the Mexican “wall” is $21.6 billion. It will not even be a complete wall, because there will be fences in certain spots, not walls.


In yet another related story, Pew Research reports that approximately 52% of the recent unauthorized immigrants in the United States are coming from Mexico. The other 48% of the unauthorized immigrants in the USA are coming from other countries (i.e. where it would not be possible to build a border fence/wall) (Ed. Note: Giant sand castle fortress?)


In a further attempt to isolate the USA from civilized relationships with the rest of the world, some members of the GOP have proposed a border adjustment system of taxation.

According to CNN Money, the Chief Executive Officers of various large retail chains (Target, JC Penney, Best Buy, Gap, Tractor Supply, Joanne) are meeting with Congress to discuss this GOP proposal to create a “border-adjustment” reformation of the tax code. Reportedly, the major retailers are opposed to the border adjustment tax because it would increase their tax burden and force them to increase prices.


It is very complicated (admittedly the last time I took a cost accounting class was in 1987), but I think I am able to explain the bottom line of the hypothetical proposal: All goods sold would be hit with a 20% tax. However, all goods made in the USA and exported would be granted a deduction for the 20% tax, whereas all imported goods would be forced to pay the 20% tax. So, the net effect would be that the border adjustment tax allows you to impose a “tariff” of 20% on all imported goods, but you call it a “tax” and not a tariff.

The border adjustment tax would probably have (or might not have) the following consequences: (1) Trump would violate his “contract with the American voter” because the border adjustment would not be an across-the-board tax rate reduction for businesses to 15% like he promised, (2) The short term results would be a tremendous increase in collected tax revenue, (3) The businesses in the USA would pass on most if not all of the new tax to the consumer by increasing prices, (4) Businesses would adjust to the border adjustment and find ways to avoid the new tax over the long term, thereby decreasing future tax revenue, (5) The dollar would have the tendency to strengthen, which sounds nice until you remember that the USA is trillions of dollars in debt, (6) If the dollar did in fact strengthen, then the long term price of imports might come down because of the higher buying power of the dollar, (7) Inflation would probably return, especially if the dollar did not strengthen significantly as compared to the other currencies, (8) Wages would have to increase to keep up with inflation, which might be great for the worker but would be bad for businesses, (9) There would probably be an avalanche of court cases necessary to interpret and implement the new system of taxation, including a case before the World Trade Organization because the border adjustment tax would be nothing more than a disguised tariff.

President Trump said recently that the border adjustment tax is “too complicated.” Republican Representative Devin Nunes on the House Ways and Means Committee said on CNBC that “there won’t be a tax bill” unless border adjustment tax is included.

It is a scary reality when the two branches of government that create our laws do not even know the correct direction to take on the issue of corporate taxation.


Some people are angry and calling for a boycott of the Grammy Awards because of alleged racism. The primary evidence this year is that Adele won the award for album of the year and Beyonce did not win it.

Are the Grammy Awards really racist? The awards are chosen by The Recording Academy, which is an organization based in the USA, and the USA has had a long and sordid history of outright racism. So, it would probably be safe to assume that at least some of the members of The Recording Academy are racist.

However, when you make an accusation that someone lost a contest because of racism, you are also making the concomitant accusation that someone else won the contest who did not deserve to win. So, once you allege that Beyonce should have won, you are making the argument that Adele should have lost.

Adele’s album titled “25” is an amazing work of art. In terms of album sales it was a tremendous success. According to Billboard, “25” is the sixth album since 2001 to sell more than eight million copies. The other five albums in this category are Usher’s “Confessions, 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin,’” Norah Jones’s “Come Away With Me,” and Eminem’s “The Eminem Show.”

So, did Adele deserve to lose? In answering this question, I must first admit that no matter how many times I hear the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” I still cannot figure out why the Devil lost to Johnny (Ed. Note: Solid point, but I’m not a fiddle expert either)

Adele deserved to win album of the year over Beyonce in 2017, but Beyonce deserved to win album of the year over Beck in 2015, and Rihanna deserved to win album of the year over Adele in 2012, and Lady Gaga deserved to win album of the year over both Taylor Swift and Beyonce in 2010.

The real tragedy of the Grammy Awards this year was that Disturbed’s “Sound of Silence” was perhaps the best and most unique remake of any song of all time, and yet the song was only nominated for a lesser category (Best Rock Performance) and did not win the award. Take a listen:


This is a good listen….



by John Walters

Starting Five

Donald does not Duck the

Donald does not Duck the “opposition party”

1. Spirit of 77 Minutes

Tony Soprano had Dr. Melfi. Donald Trump has the White House press corps.

With very little advance notice, Trump called a midday press conference and owned the air waves for 77 minutes (Why should Jake Tapper have all the fun?)

Donald won a few, lost more (well done, Peter Alexander), and used a lot of superlatives, more superlatives than anyone else in the world, in fact (“Buh-lieve me!”). Still, this was the most fun he’s had since having taken the oath of office.

Why? Because doing the job has never been what motivates him. Winning the job does.. He’s into the chase, with ratings, with money, with women, and even for the White House. Having it, well, what’s the fun of that? Another Donald from New York, a Don Draper once articulated the Trump motive:

2. Bully. Pulpit.

In all the years of doing The Apprentice, Thursday was Trump’s best reality-show performance. And the most illuminating as to who he is. It was fun to watch the dismissive jabs he threw at reporters (“I know you have to stand and ask your question; so important”) and to watch as the press fought back.


“Where are you from?”
“Here’s another beauty.”
“That’s a good line. Impartial, free and fair.

It’s during these jousts that we see how impulsive he is. How thin-skinned. How defensive.  As someone noted on Twitter, this was the press conference of a football coach who knows he’s about to be fired.

3. Let’s Make A Deal

Will Vladimir pick what's behind Silo No. 3?

Will Vladimir pick what’s behind Silo No. 3?

When Major Garrett of CBS (when will he be promoted to Lt. Colonel??? I”m pulling for you, Major) asked Trump about the Russian spy ship and other recent provocations from  Putin testing him, Trump interjected, “Not good.” Then, in a rambling two-minute answer in which Trump intoned “Nuclear holocaust is like no other” (Look, he just mentioned “holocaust” without referencing Jews again), he used the word “deal” eight times in relation to Russia. What deal? Like, treaty? What? Is everything a deal with this man (yes)?

4. Anti-Semitic or Anti-Semantic?

Asked about an uptick of threats against Jewish people since the election—and granted, we elect a president, not a national hall monitor or poor behavior—Trump replied, “So here’s the story, folks. Number one, I am the least…anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen…in your entire life. Number two, the least racist person. In fact we did very well.…”

And then he moved on to how he did at the ballots with certain minorities.

Again, and I apologize for being so repetitious, but it always goes back to being about him. And I haven’t had the time or the will to review the entire presser, but notice how often Trump mentions himself in the superlative degree (“The most” this, “the greatest” that). It’s Demagoguery 101, and I don’t even think he knows or cares how it sounds.

The thing is, he’s just entertaining, charismatic and unpredictable enough that you want to keep watching or listening. It’s all bulls*t, but what great theater.

5. Stranger Things

Abby (left) and Libby

Abby (left) and Libby

Let’s turn away from Trump’s presser and nuclear holocaust and move on to something upbeat. What do we have? Oh, here’s something. Two young teenage girls in northwest Indiana went for a hike in the woods on Monday afternoon. They were dropped off at 1 p.m. (their school had no classes that day) but failed to show up to be picked up four hours later.

Both were found dead the following day.

The bodies of Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, were found near a railroad bridge in the town of Delphi, not too far from Purdue University. Investigators are calling it a double homicide and have a photo of a person of interest, a man, seen walking solo on the trail. This is the first known double homicide in the history of that county.

Person of Interest....

Person of Interest….

Police have released almost no details, but you wonder how someone was able to detain both girls. And while, yes, this happened along a secluded nature trail, how did no one hear a scream? And finally, how does this happen? Is it premeditated? Is there a bogeyman just waiting for a woman to come by, and why on this day? It’s just pure evil, and it’s a total nightmare.

What a light and bouncy set of items today….

Music 101 

Time For Me To Fly

REO Speedwagon was still a Chicago-area band in 1978 when it released the album (What were you thinking with that title?) You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish. At the time America was not into white bread rock as disco, punk and embryonic New Wave ruled. Even though the first two songs on this album are classics (this one and “Roll With The Changes”), they never got the love that later, far cheesier and far inferior REO tunes would This song, for example, peaked at No. 56. REO is the classic example of a band whose best tunes, written earlier, are inversely proportional to how popular the band became, which was later.

Remote Patrol


NBA All-Star Game

8 p.m. TNT

Mane attraction

Mane attraction

I’ll be honest: If I’m watching TV at all on Sunday night, I’ll be watching Tangled on ABC. That’s a solid animated movie (don’t ask how I first happened upon it). But I’m a little excited about watching the Greak Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, to watch league MVP Russell Westbrook come off the bench and shoot for a third consecutive All-Star Game MVP, and for the courtesy claps Gordon Hayward will receive (How many times did you vote online, Grant?).


by John Walters

Starting Five

Bay of Pigs

The two men above have been married six times. The man on the left is renowned for just grabbing women by their genitals against their will. He is on tape boasting about it. The man on the right was charged in a domestic violence case against his second wife in 1996 in Santa Monica, but she then mysteriously did not appear for the trial.

This man above just decided, after two months of bad press about his feelings toward people who work for him, about the incredibly sexist ads that run for his fast-food joints, and after news about his having himself hired an illegal immigrant to work in his house, to withdraw his name from consideration for the Secretary of Labor. But all that news had already been out there. So what changed yesterday?

This video, from a 1990 episode of Oprah, was released shortly after midnight. That’s Puzder’s ex-wife, Lisa Henning, appearing to talk about being a high-class battered woman.  Oprah provided senators with access to that footage earlier this week, but the general public had no access to this.,

No one would have ever learned of this, and Puzder would have likely been confirmed, if not for one of the other panelists that day recalling she had an old tape of her appearance on the episode titled “High Class Battered Women.” Important to note: Oprah supplied the tape to the senators, but that did not seem to alter Puzder’s candidacy. Only after the “dishonest media” made it public, due to this woman’s supplying the tape, was his candidacy sunk.

2 Tweeting Yourself Right Out Of The White House

Remember when print media was investigating and attempting to corroborate reports about General Michael Flynn speaking to the Russians about sanctions back in December? Here’s what Donald Trump had to say about that last week.


But then, on Monday, The Washington Post, using information from unnamed sources, was able to make very specific—and accurate—claims about those reports. And that made it look as if V.P. Mike Pence had lied to the American public or that Pence had been lied to by Flynn. The Trump administration chose Door No. 2 and Flynn was fired the next day. Which led to this tweet:

And that tweet, although Trump lies so often that even he cannot remember what he had denied or what is real, is pretty much an admission of guilt. Coupled with Flynn’s firing, of course. If these were merely conspiracy theories, Trump would never have fired Flynn nor would he have been all that upset by leaks. As Jake Tapper patiently attempted to explain to 45 yesterday:

Meanwhile, what we are seeing and what you should expect going forward is an Opposite George-ing of America. That is, whatever mantra you’ve had shoved down your gob, I’d bet on the exact opposite to occur:

— “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” will probably lead to Obamacare remaining intact.

–“Lock her up!” will probably lead to locking them up.

–“Fake News” is real news

–“Dishonest media” are the only people you can trust.

— “I love WikiLeaks” has already become “leakers are criminals.”

–And “Make America Great Again!” is well, we’ve already seen what’s happened in just the first month.

3. Picture Perfect

The World Press Photo awards were held last weekend. Now that seems as if it would be a lot more fun than some dumb journalism awards. Anyway, the above shot by Tom Jenkins of The Guardian took first prize in the Sports division. It’s from the Grand National horsey races in Liverpool, England. To see a gallery of all the winners, click here.

4. The Sand Lot

Under consideration for a Best Foreign Film Oscar in two Sundays: Danish film Land Of Mine, which is a bad pun considering that the subject matter is the true story of German P.O.W.’s just after World War II being forced to extricate land mines from Danish beaches that their comrades in arms had planted during the war.

It’s based on true events, as of course is another war film soon to be released (in July) that is based on what took place a few hundred miles southwest on the coast of the North Sea, Dunkirk.

According to Land of Mine, original Danish title Under Sandet, approximately 2,000 German soldiers, many of them barely teenagers, either lost their lives or limbs in this grisly duty. This is MH‘s pick to win in this category.

5. “I’m Melting!”

This should concern you. From the National Geographic today:

Sea ice in Antarctica has hit a worrisome milestone, reaching its lowest recorded extent this week, according to data from the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center. The daily ice area recorded on Tuesday represents an all-time low: 2.22 million square kilometers (858,691 square miles).

Of course, no one in the White House and some members of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” would prefer not to hear about this because you can’t profit from it. But guess what? This problem isn’t going away….and soon it will literally be at our feet….then our ankles…and knees…

And just so you know they’re not kooks, this story from The Guardian buttresses the data and suggest the climate-change skeptic are going to have a difficult time mansplaining this information away to suit their pro-fossil fuel arguments.


The Assassination of King Jong Nam

An airport, a lone traveler, and two hotties who committed the evil deed…..

Music 101

A Million Miles Away

There was a sweet spot in the New Wave era when it was really closer to punk. In 1983 southern Cal band The Plimsouls had a minor hit with this tune after it was included on the soundtrack for Valley Girl (starring a promising young actor named Nicholas Cage).

Remote Patrol



As the media tightens the screws on Trump, it’s worth it to go back and watch last year’s Best Picture Oscar winner if you’ve only seen it the first time (or not at all). Remember that what needed to happen for the Spotlight team to get their story was 1) hours and hours of meticulous digging, 2) finding a man of means who had a lot to lose if he didn’t level with them and 3) a socially awkward lawyer played by Stanley Tucci (deserved a Best Supporting Actor win for this).

If you don’t have HBO Now, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (“Print the legend”) airs on TCM at 9 p.m.


by John Walters

Starting Five

What if he were the Leaker-in-Chief?

What if he were the Leaker-in-Chief?


A funny thought occurred to us as the Trump White House was imploding, primarily due to leaks from within:  What if Barry from the Block was the source for a lot of WaPo’s intel on how Trump officials had spoken to Russian operatives during the campaign? Revenge is a dish best served from your billionaire pal’s jet boat in the Caribbean…

Also, who’s the lucky Secret Service bloke who landed the Obama post-presidency detail? That’s a sweet gig.


p.s. We know there’s so much to unwrap with the Trump/Russia scandal, but let’s just save most of that for tomorrow, shall we? We know how this is going to end.

Joltin’ Joe Trudeau

“Must I?”

Missed this from Monday, but between the wistful pre-Valentine’s Day stares he received from Ivanka, the handshake showdown, and Spicey getting his first name (it’s Pierre  Update: Apparently, it’s Justin) wrong at a later presser, the Canadian prime minister made quite an impression during his White House visit. “It’s another day of Trump/Another day of Trump…”


3. Messi Match in Paris

Di Maria was angelic on the pitch

Di Maria was angelic on the pitch

Well, that went poorly. In their Champions League round of 16 versus Paris-St. Germain in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Barcelona was skunked 4-0. Barca, which may have the greatest collection of (South American) talent of any one side on the planet, now must win at least 4-0 at Camp Nou in a few weeks to advance to the quarters. No side has overcome such a deficit after the first tie.

The Paris-St. Germain’ians were led by Angel Di Maria, who scored two goals on his 29th birthday. Like Lionel Messi of Barca, he is an Argentine.

Jesus has not risen....

Jesus has not risen….

Equally momentous soccer news yesterday: Gabriel Jesus, the 19 year-old wunderkind for Manchester City out of Brazil, fractured his metatarsal bone in his right foot in a 2-0 defeat of (MH’s favorite side) AFC Bournemouth on Monday. Jesus will likely miss the rest of the season. Look at us, giving you soccer injury reports.

(Now please don’t ask us to report on bizarre NHL coaching hires).

4. Rumor Has It

A German Shepherd from Wisconsin named Rumor was awarded Best In Show at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night. The pooch bested 3,000 other woofers from 202 other breeds and afterward answered questions from the media such as, “Isn’t he a good dog! Isn’t he a good dog!”

Then Rumor took a dump on the Madison Square Garden carpet and was banned for life from returning by James Dolan.

5. LeBron Goes 5-Hole

And one….Was that really necessary, LBJ? And against the dude who should’ve been his Cavs teammate. Well, now, that’s embarrassing.

Related: Wiggins dropped 41 on the Cavs.

Also related: Minnesota lost (I’m bummed about the Zach LaVine injury).


I mean, I get it, Kate Upton is quite the milk maid, but in terms of sheer pulchritude, Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes and Hannah Jeter are at another level. But, you know, canteloupe, cant-AH-loupe.


Izzo Goes Off On Dakich

Loved this. Dan Dakich, who calls games on ESPN AND has his own radio show but refuses to be labeled as media (because he’d rather trash us and think of himself as a basketball coach—THEN GO COACH A TEAM, Dan), gets ripped by an actual successful basketball coach and a decent human being, Tom Izzo. It’s been a while in coming, someone needing to call Dakich a schmuck. I bet Norby will defend him, though.

Music 101

Precious & Few

They don’t write them like they used to….this is the band Climax from 1972, with their hit that rose to No. 3 on the Billboard charts and remained there for three weeks. Yes, the songs sounds a lot like something that The Association might have written. Lead singer Sonny Gerard died just 10 days ago.

Remote Patrol

Arsenal at Bayern Munich

2:30 p.m.

He now plays for Man U., but we just like saying,

He now plays for Man U., but we just like saying, “SCHWEINSTEIGER!”

Champions League Round of 16 play continues as Arsenal, last year’s Premier League runners-up (and 4th currently), visit four-time defending Bundesliga champion Bayern “SCHWEINSTEIGER!” Munich.

Also good tonight: No. 12 Duke at No. 14 Virginia (9 p.m., ESPN). Luke Kennard will be bald by age 24 but man is he a solid and overlooked player.


by Michael DePaoli


On Sunday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile that was in violation of resolutions from the United Nations Security Council. On Monday, Donald Trump (with the nuclear football not far away) said that he would deal “very strongly” with North Korea because he sees North Korea as a “big, big problem.”

Trump made this threat against North Korea on the same day that his National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned from office. Flynn had an unethical (maybe illegal) communication with the Russian ambassador. Flynn lied about the conversation and denied that sanctions were discussed. Then, Flynn caused Vice President Pence to lie about the conversation.

Some people are making excuses for Pence, claiming that Pence did not know the truth about Flynn’s lies. Yeah, whatever. In the court of public opinion, we all should give Pence about as much deference as the Trump administration is giving the immigrant workers who are being rounded up and deported. Plus, the former acting (Ed. Note: Acting? We loved her in Sunset Boulevard) Attorney General Sally Yates warned the White House almost a month prior to the Flynn resignation that Flynn had not been honest. So, the cries of Pence being duped ring hollow, else Flynn would have been fired, immediately.

The trouble here is that Trump made the threat against North Korea on the same day that his National Security Advisor had already been completely compromised. So, who was advising the President to start making threats against a small nation that will never back down from a fight? Indeed, in the First Korean War we bombed North Korea to the Stone Age, and all we ended up with was a ceasefire agreement.

Trump’s terrible decision-making ability has already been amply demonstrated when he gave the command (over dinner) to commence the Yemen Raid, which resulted in the death of one American Navy Seal hero, the deaths of about nine children, and the destruction of an expensive American aircraft. No doubt, all military raids are dangerous and things can go wrong. In this case Trump is so delusional that after nine children were killed he actually labeled the raid a success.

There was a time when we laughed at Kim Jong Un as the leader of North Korea, but now the USA has its own version of Kim Jong Un named Donald Trump and it is not so funny, anymore. I wonder who is the bigger liar, the North Korean leader or our President. When Trump can say that the USA is the moral equivalent of Russia, then I can say that Trump himself is the moral equivalent of Kim Jong Un.

When The Donald finally starts the war he seeks, I humbly request that all the people who donated money to the Trump campaign run straight down to the recruiting office and join the military. When you have sent money to Trump you should own up to your dirty deed and be the first to fight the war that you bought.


While being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, Trump’s Senior Adviser Stephen Miller had this to say about Trump’s false claims of voter fraud: “I am prepared to go on any show, anywhere, anytime, and repeat it and say the President of the United States is correct.”

Such is the plan. You just find an evil little racist (like Stephen Miller), you ask him to create headlines, and with any luck the people will forget about all the campaign promises that you have already broken. By raising the non-issue of voter fraud, Trump has successfully taken reporters away from covering (and researching) all of Trump’s ties to Russia.

Hiding behind nasty Stephen Miller, Trump can avoid numerous tough questions that need to be asked, including: Where is your plan to defeat ISIS? Where is your tax cut that you promised? Where are the jobs that you promised? When you met with the Japanese Prime Minister did you negotiate and complete the bilateral replacement deal for the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Have you started paying off the Federal debt? Did you reduce spending, yet? When are you going to drain the swamp?


The Houston Rockets retired Yao Ming’s number 11 jersey last Friday. Although his career was injury-plagued, Yao was an eight-time all-star in the NBA. Other members of the Houston Rockets with their jerseys previously retired: Clyde Drexler (22), Calvin Murphy (23), Moses Malone (24), Hakeem Olajuwon (34), and Rudy Tomjanovich(45).

Yao Ming’s Top 10 Plays of his Career:



by John Walters

Starting Five

In-And-Out Like Flynn*

*The judges will also accept “Flynn and Out,” “Flynngazi,” “Fin de Flynn,” but not “Flynn Gate”

“President Trump, if you gave the order that Russia was not supposed to be conversed with on the topic of sanctions, and your orders are always followed, then why would Santiago be in danger?”

In other words, did National Security Adviser appointee Michael Flynn really speak to Russia off-the-cuff about something as above-his-paygrade as sanctions in December having not cleared that with his boss, President-elect Donald Trump? Or had Flynn and Trump and the rest of them been in bed with Putin for so long that they forgot that they had to start being careful about what they said when they spoke with Russia?

The next National Security Adviser should advice the nuclear football toter not to pose with Mar-A-Lago guests who post to Facebook

The next National Security Adviser should advice the nuclear football toter not to pose with Mar-A-Lago guests who post to Facebook

Flynn resigned last night. Keep in mind that Trump fired acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates ostensibly for not supporting the Muslim ban, but that she had already warned the White House back on January 22nd that Flynn was a likely blackmail target for the Russian government based on those phone calls (or maybe they thought Sally was blackmailing them?).

Trump and his minions did not investigate this. The Washington Post and The New York Times did. They’re the reason Flynn quit last night; not a Congressional task force.

Sally Yaes: Got the ball rolling on first weekend of presidency

Sally Yaes: Got the ball rolling on first weekend of presidency

The scenarios: 1) Flynn spoke to Russians on his own, lied to Pence and Trump about it. 2) Flynn spoke to Russians about sanctions on own, told Pence and Trump, they covered for him, and so Pence lied, too. 3) Flynn spoke to Russians about sanctions on orders from Trump/Bannon/Kushner/Pence (and/or there), they all knew about it, Pence lied (Seth Meyers: “to Mike Pence, a lie is just the truth that hasn’t gone through conversion therapy yet“) and when the lid was blown, he had to be the fall guy.

Per normal Trump International, Inc., rules Miss Venezuela will now succeed Flynn as National Security Adviser….






I can't take the credit. Seth Meyers said,

I can’t take the credit. Seth Meyers said, “He’s already two-thirds of the way to Montgomery Burns.” Of course Seth can’t take the credit, either. One of his writers thought of that most likely.


We’ll eventually find out. This White House is leakier than the Bimini crib on The Bachelor.

“You’re the opposition party,” Steve Bannon told The New York Times a couple Fridays ago. Damn straight. If you are an incompetent or unscrupulous institution, be certain that we are the opposition party.

Marty Baron: Rock star

Marty Baron: Rock star

Finally, Marty Baron is the executive editor at The Washington Post. Same guy was in charge of The Boston Globe and pushed for the Spotlight investigation that led to a Pulitzer and Best Picture Oscar. Well done, Marty.

Flynn’s full resignation letter...



It was not a complete yawner in Storrs, but Connecticut won its 100th consecutive game, 66-55, against South Carolina. The Cocks led by three early and were within three, 40-37, with 3:43 to play in the third quarter, but then the Huskies, as is their wont, pulled away with brilliant tactical offense.

We can talk about high scorers blah blah blah but the player of the game is head coach Geno Auriemma and his from-day-one associate head coach, Chris Dailey. Here’s how dominant UConn has been: since March 4, 2013, the Huskies are 150-2. Both losses were by two points. The first was to Notre Dame in the Big East Championship game in Hartford and the second was at Stanford, in overtime.

The craziest thing to me about this season (25-0) is that this is far from Geno’s most dominant team. It’s one of his more pedestrian teams. Katie Lou Samuelson may be POY and Gabby Williams, Kia Nurse and Crystal Dangerfield are fantastic, but this is a machine whose CEO has instilled it with so much confidence and an unbelievable degree of consistency out of a group of teenagers and early twenty-somethings.

2. Hell And High Water*

Speaking of high-water marks....

Speaking of high-water marks….

*The judges will also accept “Reservoir Dogged,” and “Hot Dam!”

When filled to the brim, Lake Oroville, north of Sacramento, is 901 feet deep. So, yeah, three football fields laid end to end. It was full over the weekend (Yay! No drought), but its main spillway, a concrete ramp, had a football field-sized chunk eroded out, which created a 40-foot hole below, which, Rule No. 1 (“Gravity always wins”) caused it to fill with water, which was only going to lead to more of a mess.

So officials quickly evacuated the 188,000 residents who live below the dam and suddenly we had a Godzilla movie on our hands. The Oroville Dam did not break, but I wonder how that underground erosion is going to affect the overall integrity of the dam itself. Stay tuned, and have the car keys nearby.

4. Tragedy at the Oculus

You may have seen the story about the young woman who plunged to her death at the Oculus, the gleaming new lower Manhattan train station where PATH trains enter from New Jersey (its predecessor was located beneath the World Trade Center). It’s sadder than you think.

Jenny Santos, 29, of Kearney N.J., was coming home on Sunday morning from a night out in New York City. It was 5:30 a.m. and she and her twin sister were taking the escalator and I’d guess inebriation was involved because reportedly Jenny was “playing superhero,” laying flat on the railing of the escalator and pretending that she could fly. She then lost her balance and Rule No. 1 again, plunging more than 30 feet to her death. Her twin witnessed it all. That’s a nightmare.

5. Rock, Chalk, Comeback!

The Kansas Jayhawks, who had won 51 straight at Phog Allen Fieldhouse, were minutes away from losing their second straight. West Virginia, which has NEVER won there, was up by 14, 64-50, with 3:00 left and the Fighting Huggy Bears were feelin’ it.

Then five missed free throws, four turnovers and three KU threes and we had overtime. And the Jayhawks won going away, outscoring the Huggy Bears 34-16 over the final eight minutes. WVU, with a win, would’ve been a game out of the Big 12, but then JOY BEHAR “SO WHAT? WHO CARES?” because once you get past 1) the regular-season title 2) the conference tourney title and 3) the fact that they’ll both be pretty high seeds in the tourney, what’s the big deal, anyway? It’s not as if either of them has to play Geno and the Huskies in the Bridgeport Regional of Death.


Huggy: “No. No! NO!”

It was an entertaining exhibition, signifying very little. Unless you had money on the Mountaineers. Or needed to make an Atlanta Falcons comparison. They should have brought Brent out of retirement for this one.

Telling sign: Three KU starters played more than 40 minutes. That’s a shallow bench Bill Self has. Oh, and I like Frank Mason III, too, but he’s a 5’11” senior. Josh Jackson is a 6’8″ frosh and he’s a Top 5 pick, depending on how much you love Lonzo Ball and Malik Monk.


–Remember that much-hyped Golden State-OKC game on Saturday night? They both played again last night (against different opponents), on the road, and both lost by 22 points. Hangover games.

–Stunned about the Josh Elliott news. My old SI colleague and friend was fired yesterday, apparently when CBS News president David Rhodes didn’t take kindly to his Friday sign-off on CBSN in which he informed viewers that he was moving on to the adult version CBS. Apparently that hadn’t been news he was supposed to disclose nor had he gotten that sign-off cleared up the chain of command. Just a bizarre three-plus years for Josh, who has gone from ESPN to ABC’s Good Morning, America to NBC to CBSN. He’ll find a landing spot—he keeps getting hired because he’s good—but that was a Buddy Hield shot from Mr. Rhodes.

Music 101

Pump Up The Jam

In 1990 Belgian act Technotronic introduced the world to a three-word command that still has some currency to this day: “Pump up the jam!” The tune from the unknown act was a worldwide hit, reaching No. 2 in the USA and UK and eventually reaching triple platinum in sales. Few songs from that awful era of music (post-New Wave, pre-Nirvana) have retained as much influence. I don’t want a place to stay/Get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day.

Remote Patrol

Paris-St. Germain vs. Barcelona

2:30 p.m. FS1

Suarez's choppers are in game shape....

Suarez’s choppers are in game shape….

Champions League play has advanced to the Round of 16, in which teams play home-and-home and the aggregate goals winner advance if they spilt the pair (away goals are the tie breaker, then it goes whose fans garnered fewer in-game arrests). Barcelona: Messi, Neymar, Suarez, etc.. The tie is in the City of Lights and PSG are the foure-time defending French league (Ligue 1) champs.


by John Walters

Starting Five

Miller Slime

When it’s time to relapse,

One fear stands clear, fear after fear,

If you’ve got the slime, we’ve got the fear,

Miller fear...

Miller is a slightly less charming Nathan Thurm....

Miller is a slightly less charming Nathan Thurm….

Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Stephen Miller, is a 31 year-old Duke alum from Los Angeles whose major bona fides are that he worked as an aide for Michelle Bachmann (Turner Overdrive) and then Jeff Sessions. He is close with fellow former Dookie and punchable Nazi Richard Spencer.

Look at those dead eyes. That Hitler Youth glare. Yesterday Miller appeared on four Sunday morning news shows and at one point said this:

Sounds like a threat, Steve. When Miller squared off against a former White House wunderkind, George Stephanopoulos, the latter shut him down.

These are the types of people who stand in Cameron Indoor and root for Grayson Allen. And need to be punched.

2. Adele Goes Kanye On Herself

I’m the person who yawned through Beyonce‘s overwrought performance last night. Maybe I was the only one. Anyway, at the Grammy’s last night Adele won album of the year for 25 and perhaps because she did not want someone else to interrupt her speech, went ahead and told Beyonce that Lemonade deserved to win.

Adele and Bey are moms. Somewhere Taylor Swift is realizing that pregnancy is her next bold career move.

Adele and Bey are moms. Somewhere Taylor Swift is realizing that pregnancy is her next bold career move. “Shake It Off?” “Knock It Up”

Afterward the usual soft-news sites came out with “Grammy’s So White” think pieces. And they may have a point. The larger point, though, is that Adele appeared in “Carpool Karaoke” and Bey has not yet done so, and look who hosted. C’mon, Bey, you got to know how the game works.

3. Dolan Out Favors*

*The judges will also accept “Midday In The Garden of Good and Evil”

Never quite pictured Knotorious Knicks Larry Johnson and Latrell Sprewell as Stepin Fetchit types, but there they were courtside with owner James Dolan on Sunday (hope that appearance fee was sizable). These dudes were personae non grata at the Garden for more than a decade. And yet there they were on Sunday, Dolan’s human shields.

The Knicks beat the Spurs—they’ve beaten them two years in a row at the Garden, which is rather inconceivable— while Spike Lee spoke for more of the Garden faithful.

4.  Noah’s Arc of Success

A year ago Affolder, right, lost by .01

A year ago Affolder, right, lost by .01

That above photo was from the finish at the Millrose Games High School Mile in 2016. Noah Affolder, then a junior, put his hands up too early to celebrate, and was passed in the final step by Isaac Cortes (yellow). He lost by .01

As my Newsweek story relates, Noah’s little brother spent much of the past year taunting him about the defeat, even changing big brother’s contact name in his phone to “.01.”

This year, wearing a singlet his dad bought at the Armory gift shop (he did not bring his), Affolder led wire to wire

This year, wearing a singlet his dad bought at the Armory gift shop (he did not bring his), Affolder led wire to wire

On Saturday, on his 18th birthday, Noah found redemption. Not only did he lead the race wire-to-wire at the New York Armory, he set a new meet record with a 4:07.24.

5. Leicester On The Brink

Vardy has had a rough go of it this year, and he ought to know better than to carry the ball in his arm.

Vardy has had a rough go of it this year, and he ought to know better than to carry the ball in his arm.

Remember last season in the Barclays Premier League, when Leicester City magically made a run to the top of the standings and remained there? Brits will tell you that what the Chicago Cubs did later in the year had nothing on Leicester’s 5,000-to-1 shot in the BPL.

Well, yesterday the reigning champs lost at Swansea City, which put them in 17th place in the 20-team league, just won point above Hull City. If Leicester (5-6-14, the middle number being draws) finishes the season 18th or lower, it will face relegation down to the next level, known as the Championship League. Jamie Vardy, the goal-scoring hero of the squad last season (24 goals) has but five this season.

The last time a club in the BPL won it all one year and then was relegated the next? Eighty years ago, in 1937, when it happened to Manchester City.

Music 101

Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was

Thom Yorke’s falsetto with the Greenwood brothers’ (and Ed O’Brien’s) churning guitars has always been an unbeatable combo for Radiohead, which has generated as much respect as any band from the U.K. or Ireland since the dawn of U2. The boys from Oxford’s best work, in this uncool fan’s opinion, is The Bends (1995), from which this tune comes.

Remote Patrol

South Carolina at UConn

9 p.m. ESPN2

All they do is win, win, win....

All they do is win, win, win….

Geno and the ladies will be Keepin’ It 100…..